Dev Diary PMC Poland Lask ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-11-07T17:25:00Z New editing day has started, currently PMC Germany Landstuhl 65.5km terrain final two steps before binarization are running so now I'll continue editing the next terrain on the tool pipeline 00.txt file list and that is PMC Poland Lask 65.5km terrain Smiley ;)

Todays goal is... to simply edit, chip in any edits I can, no pressure or anything, just casual relaxed editing.

Global mapper loaded project up and added SRTM 1-arc second v3 online source, then exported 4096 grid 16m cell size heightmap.asc ASCII Grid ASC file.

Next had to import OSM shape files, but had no idea which ones in my OSM dir are the ones I need heh.

This terrain uses poland_lodz OSM data dir.

Loaded OSM data and cropped it to user created feature grid for cropped_areas, _lines and _points layers.

2022-11-07T17:43:00Z Finished reducing OSM road features from over 100k to 4.7k, the last feature type to remove was "tertiary" I believe and that nuked like 10k pretty good looking roads off, but hey what can you do...

Then exported cropped_areas, lines and points shape files. Next calculated heightmap.asc ASCII Grid ASC header coordinates.

2022-11-07T18:05:00Z Finished transforming OSM data, _areas, _lines (aka roads) and _points (aka places).

Poland Lask 65.5km terrain has 1969 place names Smiley :p

Yeah... its gonna be a bit busy looking mapview hehe!

2022-11-07T18:22:00Z Finished assigning colors to OSM areas, man do I hate this task, very glad its over now, so much repetitive typing of those RGB numbers and FCLASS names.

My editing Western Digital 4tb Blue hard disk drive E: partition is getting full, less than hundred gigabytes of free space anymore. Need to be careful not to fill HDD up before binarizing terrains and then be able to delete some global mapper temporary work files.

2022-11-07T21:42:00Z Got some free space and other terrain processes finished so now continuing lask again, started global mapper satellite mask exporting in 8 x 8 grid tile image setup.

2022-11-07T21:47:00Z Started global mapper satellite texture exporting.

While that long process was running I re-created terrain builder project, moved heightmap.asc into source dir and imported it.

2022-11-07T22:36:00Z Global mapper finished exporting satellite texture. Then started to inspect those tiles in GIMP and fix any clouds if present.

Went all the tiles through, no clouds, awesome! Smiley :)

Then graphicsmagick converted satellite mask tiles from PNG to BMP with RGB color fix and satellite textures as well.

2022-11-07T22:59:00Z Started terrain builder satellite mask importing.

2022-11-07T23:04:00Z Done, now started to import satellite texture tiles.

While terrain builder was importing I used global mapper to create new latitude and longitude coordinates for config.cpp file.

2022-11-07T23:25:00Z Finished importing satellite texture, hmm that felt oddly quick heh. Next started to generate layers, lets get it done. First was texture and that had over an hour ETA, Zzz ...

2022-11-07T23:37:00Z Started to feel that end of the day.. well not exactly tired or exhausted, but guess it has to be a very mild version of those two, just had no mental energy aka motivation to continue pushing some good edits in, mind was just wandering into some tv watching to chill rest of the evening.

2022-11-08T01:51:00Z Terrain builder generate layers finished few minutes ago. Getting really tired now, signing off for today, will finish this terrain tomorrow.

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