Dev Diary PMC Poland Lask ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-10-29T07:37:00Z New editing day has started, I'm burnt out bored but just have to get terra incognita downloading so no time is wasted. Just copy-pasted new poland lask 65km tool pipeline text to 00.txt file and now getting that global mapper project file created so can get Terra Incognita KMZ Rectangle.

Edit: 2023-10-19T00:57:00Z proof reading this dev diary a bit to get oriented to PMC Poland Lask terrain again, I have no recollection about why I switched from 40km to 65.5km terrain size without writing any explanation in this dev diary, perhaps the reasoning is written on some other terrains dev diary, I just cant remember, hell looking at the UTC timestamps... this is now ten days short of ONE YEAR ago Smiley :)

Created global mapper project and user created feature grid for 65.5km size terrain, saved project, then exported poland_lask_65km.shp shape file to PMC_Grids dir. Then loaded overlap_poland.gmw, imported this new shape file and there was no overlap, OK we are good to go for terra incognita download.

2022-10-29T07:49:00Z Started downloading terra incognita NW section aka _1_ piece. We are in business, will probably be early tomorrow before this download batch is complete, dunno maybe 65.5km source could be downloaded within a half day, we'll see.

2022-10-29T12:04:00Z NW section finished, then started NE.

2022-10-29T16:35:00Z NE section finished, then started SW.

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