Dev Diary PMC Poland Krynki ArmA 3 Terrain

2021-11-15 Rename To Krynki

2021-11-15T09:15:00Z New editing day has started and today is a big change: terrain will be renamed from "PMC Poland Kruszyniany" to "PMC Poland Krynki" which is shorter and easier to remember/write Smiley :)

This means I need to change all the files, terrain builder project directories, all addon dirs, pboProject bat files, etc etc. So many files to edit and most likely terrain builder also breaks, a lot of fun, eh.

First manually changed all terrain builder addon directory names, then ran powergrep4 to $PBOPREFIX$ (which is bogus unused file, sigh. PMC Editing Wiki: search "$PBOPREFIX$"), bat, cpp, txt and rvmat files to search and replace strings.

Then changed arma3 addons dir name and deleted the existing PBOs, next changed global mapper project dir and GMW file names.

moveObject repathed WRP and _data_layers RVMAT files. Once that was done ran pboProject to binarize this "new" terrain.

2021-11-15T10:27:00Z pboProject finished binarization, alright.

Checked it in-game and things are looking good. This was now probably the last edit before release, maybe.

Image of all PMC Poland terrains as of today: PMC-Poland-Terrains-2021-11-15.jpg

2021-11-16T11:54:00Z Terrain Builder project broke after importing all the millions of objects to it. Noticed it first time after doing heightmap road smoothing in terrain processor and imported new heightmap. After rebuilding heightmap it was all black in the "heightfield" raster layer and WRP export came out like the project was broken. This happened after changing terrain name so the project could have broken in that stage already. So overall... just re-make the whole terrain builder project to get proper class name to it as well, its just simpler like that. You can try to copy the object layer files in windows explorer so you dont need to import them from LBT files for hours.

Hopefully that covers everything you need to know when you return to this terrain editing Smiley :)

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