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2021-10-26 Crash To Desktop Nightmare

2021-10-26T18:12:00Z Todays editing started several hours ago as I tested all the new terrains in-game, new meaning the ones I created within past week or two (lost track of time). For some reason this terrain crashes to desktop (CTD) on mission editor load. No idea why.

I first reduced roads.shp feature count (Remove Bad OSM Roads) from about 8500 to about 6000 or so, still crashes. Then reduced it further to 2600, still crashes, then went evil on it and deleted whole _data.pbo so 0 roads and it still crashes.

Exported WRP without objects, still crashes.

Now I'm pretty lost that what the hell could it be.

2021-10-26T18:56:00Z Terrain builder project saving froze with FILENAME.tv4p.tmp in the dir, I managed to escape that cleanly by simply file - close the project, then deleted huge 8.559 million objects layer file and tried again, worked fine. So I exported WRP again, ran moveObject to it and then started pboProject binarizing, lets give it another try.

Binarizing did not work, still crashes in-game so I'm going to delete and re-create whole terrain builder project and hopefully its getting done right now. I'm not going to write play-by-play's about this, only the conclusion.

2021-10-26T20:43:00Z In global mapper loaded up transformed_areas.shp, separated forest FCLASS out of all the areas. Then split those individual 11,000 forest areas into two layers, I made first one 5000 areas/features and second was just tad over 6000. Then exported these as shape files and moved them to terrain processor directory. Edit: apparently this was not a regular "2 x 2 grid tile" file setup but some bizarre manually separating bunch of FCLASS layers heh, what fucking newbie we got editing here haha.

In there made a new epoch / livonia trees, rocks and bushes using TPP project file for "Forest_1" which was the 5k feature forest, then another for "Forest_2".

Idea here is to split up the forest objects into smaller object layers in terrain builder, I cant import much over 10 million objects per object layer, I would prefer it to be less than 5 million in fact.

2021-10-26T23:41:00Z Well binarized terrain and still the same crash, so now its most likely terrain builder mapframe properties that are somehow wrong, dunno what else could it be.

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