Dev Diary PMC Poland Krynki ArmA 3 Terrain

2021-10-25 Terrain Processor Object Shuffle

2021-10-25T11:33:00Z New editing day has begun, back to GIMP, back to these pesky clouds Smiley :(

Got those clouds clone brushed and pattern filled off, was terrible job, man do I hate clouds in satellite imagery so much.

Then copied Terrain Processor TPP Templates files into the dir and edited to suit this terrain, did usual test run with 1 hectare density and for obj_forest shapes it generated 659k objects, so with quick calculation for 10 million per object layer I could use hectare density 15 before it goes much over 10 million. Hmm I need to separate these shapes into smaller grid tiles so I can pack more objects into the WRP by dividing them between smaller object layer imports.

2021-10-25T12:25:00Z Started to import satellite mask, after that texture.

Terrain Processor generated 5.158 million objects, which is much less than it should, that means the settings are "too tight" most likely tree MINDIST is way too high so it cannot place more trees.

Satellite mask imported to terrain builder.

PMC Poland Krynki ArmA 3 Screenshot

In terrain processor TPP file for forest I pumped up hectare density to 50 which in theory would go way above the 10 million per LBT file import limit, but... it only generated 8.559 million objects which is perfectly fine. Hmm, odd.

Hmm maybe my TPP multiple task knowledge is not as THiCK as I thought heh, what I mean is with single task there is no question hectare density dictates how many objects you can generate as long as MINDIST is not crazy large (like above 10), but now with multiple tasks I guess its a mixture soup all those things together so one TASK doesn't dictate that much anymore, uhm difficult to explain.

Anyways 8.559 million objects is pretty nice forest, not as thick as it should be but for 65.5km terrain with a lot of forest area shapes, its pretty decent. Gotta see in-game how sparse the forest actually is, most likely I'll come back and tweak these terrain processor task values to squeeze in more trees.

2021-10-25T12:53:00Z Satellite mask and texture import complete, started to generate layers, this will take a while...

PMC Poland Krynki ArmA 3 Screenshot

2021-10-25T14:10:00Z Satellite texture generation finished, now started satellite mask, ETA 43min.

2021-10-25T15:19:00Z Layers generated, now started to import objects, looks like its ETA is 2hrs, whoah! hehe

Hmm guess I'm off to do something on the background, I'm not going to sit here fiddling my thumbs for two frigging hours.

2021-10-25T17:12:00Z Objects import finished, WRP exported and now running Convert Layers PNG to PAA Fast bat.

After layer PNG's were converted then re-pathing layer RVMAT's took quite the while, once done it was just pboProject binarization left before this terrain is in-game.

PMC Poland Krynki ArmA 3 Screenshot

And now I'm waiting again, cant continue editing the next terrain because its for country of ukraine and it needs its own p:\pmc\ symlink mount, cant do that before poland binarization is complete. So waiting game mode is in effect.

2021-10-25T18:23:00Z pboProject finished binarizing (PMC Editing Wiki: search "binarize"), aayeah. Now off to edit some ukraina terrain Smiley :)

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