Dev Diary PMC Chechnya Grozny ArmA 3 Terrain

2021-10-05 Terra Incognita Satellite Downloading

2021-10-05T15:56:00Z New editing day has started. Overnight the second corner piece terra incognita download had finished, good. Going to start third one right away.

Recorded some dev diary video with my usual ScrollLock key while starting that terra incognita download... until I realized that I shut down OBS for overnight sleep heh, oh well didn't record anything then. Started OBS (it got v27.1.3 hotfix) and recorded short clip about terra incognita downloading already.

Took backup of old ASCII Grid heightmap.asc file and then exported whats in terrain builder, should be the same but did that export anyways. Then created terrain processor road smoothing TPP file, I had a template but had to change roads.shp and heightmap.asc paths, got it right at first try, no crash, nicely done Smiley ;)

Then created Airfield_Runways shape layer and poly lines for all three airfields. Set width for terrain builder and database properties for the shapes, then exported to _data\roads\ dir as airfield_runways.shp file. Then used global mapper to load both airfield_runways.shp and roads.shp files and exported them out to roads.shp which is read by arma3. Okay airfield runways are done. Good start for a day Smiley :)

Brought heightmap.asc into L3DT along with L3DT_Texture_Map.png which is 8192 x 8192 pixel resolution image of satellite texture. Found the three airfields and smoothed them out using heightmap tools smooth brush. Then exported heightmap again into terrain builder source directory.

In terrain builder imported this new smoothed out heightmap, now roads and airfield runways should be nice and smooth.

2021-10-05T17:36:00Z Only three more bugs in "chechnya grozny" bugs list, I'm getting excited! Smiley :D

Terrain processor forest task got updated with hopefully only big tree object types. I took these object names from PMC Poland Suwalki forest task, I recall these should be good looking CUP tree objects. Used the new OSM forest shapes and generated objects using hectare density 10 which is really low... it generated 4.680 million objects, yikes! Smiley :o

This means that unfortunately I am not able to create thick forests for this terrain after all, there is just too much space to cover, for example quick calculation tells us that the hectare density 100 would generate 46.6 million objects which is way over the amount we can actually import into terrain builder or export into WRP file.

Oh well this is 143km terrain so what do you expect, you cant have it packed full of thick lush forests.

Proceeded to generate another set of objects leaving out meadows this time, they looked bad with bushes on farm fields. Used forest hectare density of 20 which generated 9.363 million objects. Then started to import these object files into terrain builder, the big forest file takes forever to import close to one hour or so.

2021-10-05T20:56:00Z Terrain builder froze when saving the project with all those objects in it. I did save it after importing the small amount of object files, but the big whopper 9 million file imported fine and when saving it froze. Now the only question is, did the whole terrain builder project break or was that just a fluke freeze.

Luckily project did not break so started to import this 9 million object forest file again. It worked ok, what a relief heh. Exported WRP and it has 9.448 million objects now Smiley :)

Next ran Separate Data Layers for smaller PBOs bat file to get the generated layers PAA files into correct _data_layers_0 directories, ran moveObject for RVMAT's and then it was pretty much ready for pboProject binarization.

2021-10-05T23:15:00Z Binarization (PMC Editing Wiki: search "binarize") done and checking it out in-game, first impression from mapview is that it looks very nice regarding forest object blobs.

North side.

PMC Chechnya Grozny ArmA 3 Screenshot

South side.

PMC Chechnya Grozny ArmA 3 Screenshot

With large 143km terrain size we cant press in thick forest density Smiley :(

PMC Chechnya Grozny ArmA 3 Screenshot

Something went wrong with heightmap roads smoothing, they don't look very smooth to me ...

PMC Chechnya Grozny ArmA 3 Screenshot

It is really difficult to find sexy screenshot camera angles, feels like no-one location does justice for the magnifient scale of the terrain, you cant just compress it into one screenshot, you have to actually be there for the full experience.

PMC Chechnya Grozny ArmA 3 Screenshot

Farmland area with some tree patches.

PMC Chechnya Grozny ArmA 3 Screenshot

2021-10-05T23:42:00Z Started to download last terra incognita corner piece as previous just finished downloading.

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