PMC WRP Demo for ArmA 1 by PMC.

This is terrain WRP technology demo for ArmA by WrpTool Development Team. It will contain total of 5 terrains which are the following:

Also includes three missions and one campaign configured into the addon pbo.

ArmA 1 v1.07 is required to run this addon, preferably v1.07.5157 (2nd public beta). Naturally all later ArmA 1 versions will run this fine.

These terrains are covered with desert terrain and vegetation suited for desert theme. The cities on these terrains are huge and populated with ruined buildings to create that war torn feeling (first seen on PMC Rattler terrain).

Purpose of this release is to demonstrate to the ArmA community of how huge terrains and especially cities we are now able to create. The terrains are not really finished or "pretty" in a sense, but certainly they can provide enjoyable mission editing environment, especially it would be interesting to test how these terrains work in multiplayer player versus player usage. Mostly these terrains miss airport objects and small details like that.

Special thanks go Solus who granted me permission to use this nice desert texture, Deanosbeano, granQ, Smiley_Nick and everyone else who was involved in the WRP stuff, I proceeded this far with inspiration from you guys :)

Tutorials on how to create your own islands or converting old OFP islands to ArmA can be found on PMC Editing Wiki along with other editing material.

Required Addons

No addons required.


How to install this terrain, please check HOWTO Install ArmA 1 Addons.


PMC ArmA 2 WRP Demo is a similar release for ArmA 2, but only includes one terrain (51km in size), it can be regarded as limited port of this addon. The PMC 51km Desert release however is NOT the same as any of the above, its highly more developed version and cannot be even compared to the demo versions. Please do not confuse them together (even they might "look" the same on mapview).

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