PMC First Fight

PMC First Fight campaign is the first ArmA usermade campaign ever. It will start small but will develop into a crescendo of full scale war. You take part as:

- SF team leader
- Infantry squad leader

You play as US side soldiers who are coming up against the Sahrani Liberation Army (SLA), there is nobody to help at start... but that might change. You should check out our ArmA Missions Forum Area for additional details. You can get the latest version of this campaign from our PMC ArmA Downloads page.

PMC Silent Bat

PMC Silent Bat is CoC Command Engine X (CEX) campaign. You command a various US troops including regular infantry, spec ops, blackhawks transport helos, cobra gunships, abrams tanks and so on. There is no storyline except that the 28 missions are heavily linked together (there is no cutscenes, ie storyline with characters). If you want straight out combat missions, this is your campaign. Check out more details from our ArmA Missions Forum Area and Downloads Page for latest download.