PMC ArmA 2 WRP Demo

PMC ArmA 2 WRP Demo terrain

v1.1 June 29th, 2009.

This is terrain WRP technology demo for ArmA 2 by WrpTool Development Team, PMC. It will contain the following terrain: PMC Desert 51km - 51.2km x 51.2km sized desert terrain, with ruined cities and same terrain without any buildings at all.

Also includes four missions which are just simple fun, nothing more.


--- fixes v1.1
- removed all the buildings for "nocity" version.
- prettified the config little bit.


This is a huge huge desert terrain, if you have never played even those OFP 25km terrains, then you are in for a treat, you have never experienced anything like operating in this wast wilderness where insertions by helicopters can take up to 10-15 minutes (one way).

This is 51.2km x 51.2km in size!

The cities on the terrain are huge and populated with ruined buildings to create that war torn feeling (first seen on PMC Rattler OFP) island in OFP and in PMC Rattler for ArmA 1). There is also one version of this terrain without any buildings, so for example multiplayer "clans" can build their own cities where ever they want.

Purpose of this release is to demonstrate to the ArmA 2 community of how huge terrains and especially cities we are now able to create. The terrain is not really finished or "pretty" in a sense, but certainly they can provide enjoyable mission editing environment, especially it would be interesting to test how these terrains work in multiplayer player versus player usage. Mostly the terrain misses airport objects and small details like that.

If you understand that this is not your usual finished terrain with millions of details, then go ahead and try it out.

Required Addons

No addons required. ArmA 2 v1.00 is required to run this addon, preferably the latest version.

Known Issues

There is some weird "shadow box" around players view port, orientated to the bottom of the screen. We are not sure why this happens, in ArmA (1) there is no such errors. We'll figure this out in the near future as ArmA 2 gets new patches and develops further. Update: this shadow box is nowhere to be seen in the v1.01, if anyone can confirm they are not seeing it, please do so.

If you find any bugs in it, please report them into our forum topic located below.


Tutorials on how to create your own terrains or converting old OFP islands to ArmA 1 and in future to ArmA 2 can be found on PMC Editing Wiki along with other editing material. We have PMC Tactical Forum topic for this release.

Download PMC_ArmA2_wrpdemo_v1.1.rar - 18.5mb.

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