2 or more people working on single WRP

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2 or more people working on single WRP

Post by Snake Man » 2009-03-27 16:16:52

WrpTool has the feature of exporting WRP "cells", this includes terrain (elevations), textures and objects. You can export whole map, or by certain user defined range of coordinates. Its quite handy feature to have.

But its far from being SVN type of solution where two or more people can freely work on the same project. For example if guy1 and guy2 both edit terrain elevations, then the project coordinator imports both of the edits, the terrain is not merged but only the latest import is used as it overwrites what ever there was before.

Compromise for this is to coordinate the project so guy1 only works on everything in terrains south-west region while guy2 works only on north-east region. Then those edits can be easily imported by project coordinator without the fear of overwriting anyone's work.

If there is situation that only objects are imported, this gives more freedom then, you can just blindly import all objects from anyones WRP file, which most likely then (after first import at least) makes duplicate objects... these objects can be easily deleted with the Edit -> Select Stacked obj, feature which selects all objects on top of each other (dupes), when selected, they can be deleted by just pressing DEL key, easy.

I'm looking a way to abuse WrpTool to find a way to make it more easier for this type of project to work, so if anyone has any ideas how to use WrpTool in such manner, please post. I'll report back if I find anything worth mentioning.
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