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ramadi to editor

Post by wld427 » 2008-10-09, 06:10:01 AM

Is there anyone willing to give me a quick tutorial on how to bring a map already edited into WrpTool? Seems alot of people are working on Ramadi and i would like to try the same to learn use of the tool.

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Post by Snake Man » 2008-10-09, 06:19:43 AM

Interesting idea, it might be cool to have 8WVR to 4WVR converter, mainly for objects and terrain though. Dunno how it would play out as the cell sizes are different in terrain etc.

Quick answer; no, there is no way to get ArmA terrains into WrpTool today.
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Post by wld427 » 2008-10-09, 09:13:58 PM

http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Visi ... _landscape

I found this check it out. its a turoial on how to bring ramadi into visitor and edit it. it also has a link to the souce files.

If anyone can take ramadi and simply place a full workign runway on the map over where the dirt runway is i would be very greatful.

also remove the grass form the island so it doesnt come thru the runway pieces and require grass cutters.

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