Georgia V0.2 Bug Reports

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Georgia V0.2 Bug Reports

Post by Sherlock » 2010-06-03 15:48:55

Loaded fine in Allied Force.

First bugs:

1. Theater label says "Taiwan", not Georgia.

2. Campaign map is of Taiwan.

3. Campaign selector buttons need new scenario names and pictures (currently default korea campaign buttons).

4. Both Scenario 3 (top) and Scenario 2 (bottom) have no friendly airbases selectable (assume these scenarios have not been set up yet?).

5. PAK background map is of Taiwan. Forground PAKs are of Korea.

6. Order of Battle (OOB) flags are from Korea and all seven flags are displayed even though there are not that many teams involved. All other flags in TE, etc. are Korea.

7. SACHKHERE Airbase - raised up square around surrounding terrain. Needs to be blended into terrain better.

8. Probably want to reduce the quantity of airbases in the theater. Seems a little high.

9. As noted before, campaign (and other) maps show eastern part of Russia under water.

10. Friendly forces reported as "ROK" in strings file in events (upper right) window in 2D view.

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