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Guns-Only Fighter Tweak

Post by DoctorX » 2010-06-07, 12:55:25 AM

In response to a request by ccc, here is the procedure I used to convert existing aircraft to guns-only in my Korea 1959 campaign. Keep in mind I designed Korea 1959 for FF4-RV, and I haven’t tried the tweak with any other version since then, so I can’t guarantee it still works. At any rate, if you want to give it a go here’s what to do-

I'll use the F-8E as an example:

Open the DB for your theater with F4Browse. Under the "Vehicles" tab, double-click on the F-8E.

In the Vehicle Data Details window, go down to the Hardpoints/Weapons box. Make a note of the default gun for the plane (in this case 20mm M39-4)

Double-click on each hardpoint. In the Hardpoint Data window that appears, select and delete each A-A missile. Click on "Update" to save the settings. You now have a weapons platform with no A-A missiles and, as far as F4 is concerned, no A-A capability whatsoever.

Now, this is the most important part. You are going to add some “extra” (fake) guns. Select the hardpoint pair closest to the fuselage (in this case it is called F-8 Fuselage). In the Hardpoint Data window, click on "Add". In the first dropdown box, select the default gun for the plane (20mm M39-4 for the F-8E). Make sure there is a 1 in the number box below that, click "OK" and then "Update".

Now, over on the right side of the Vehicle Data Details window, double click on the squadron for that plane. In the Unit View window that appears, click on "SSD Ind" to pull up the squadron stores window. Find the gun you just added and set the count to 255. Hit "Update", then "Update" on the Unit View window, and finally "Update" in the Vehicle Data Details window.

The F-8E already has a fairly high CAP role score, so nothing else needs to be done. For a different plane, check the CAP role scores for the squadron and flight and be sure to set them above 50 (set to 100 if it is a dedicated A-A fighter).

Now you can exit out of F4Browse. Adding the "extra" guns to the fuselage hardpoints was the necessary step to allow the ATO to schedule CAP missions for that plane. F4 does not allow AI flights to fly combat missions with no loadout. Because of this, the fake guns will show up in the munitions screen. They will not affect the game in any other way however; they do not show up in the 3D world and they do not affect the ammo count for the flight.

There you go, you now have a fully-functional guns-only fighter that will be properly tasked by the ATO and implemented by the AI.

Bear in mind this is somewhat of a cheat, I haven’t unlocked any secret functionality to F4 or anything here. F4 was not designed with guns-only fighting in mind. As a consequence, there are a few issues. Mainly, the ATO and AI still are in the BVR mindset. CAP missions are still spaced out as if the CAP aircraft were equipped with BVR missiles, so the CAP coverage will be rather thin. Also, the AI still think they have BVR missiles, so they will be inclined to engage enemy aircraft well outside their logical engagement parameters.

Nevertheless, it seemed to work very well in Korea 1959, and made for some intense and fun close-quarters dogfighting as a daily occurrence. 8-)

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Re: Guns-Only Fighter Tweak

Post by ccc » 2010-06-07, 02:04:42 AM

BIG Thanks!!!

BTW, from the view point of a 3d modeller, i think guns-only ac needs an extra, dedicated 3d slot node on fuselage for this tweak, to save underwing slots for fuel tank or AG ordance.

For old style ac like mig15/17/19, Mystere IV or Ouragan: it has to carry bombs or fuel tank on 2 underwing slots and use gun for AA( sometimes), if we add one extra slot( in fuselage, a solid 3d slot node) for this gun-only tweak, the underwing slots can load AG ordance/feul tank, should make them work better.

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