Texture merge / optimization complete!

AGS/CAT Afghanistan terrain

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Texture merge / optimization complete!

Post by Snake Man » 2009-07-12 18:21:56

Texture merge / optimization complete!

I have just finished the texture merging (91, yes ninety one, models today alone) and optimizing the models. Oh man I feel good! :D

CAT Afghanistan objects had the serious problem of players being able to walk through buildings/objects, but now when I texture merged the models I also checked the geometrys and if I was at all correct with the tweaks, the models are now fixed and should work ok, no more walking through buildings.

I dont know, I just wanted to open this specific topic for this achievement as it feels like such an milestone on the history of CAT Afghanistan terrain. You are piece of shit OFP port until you merge textures and optimize the models, then you shed the ugly OFP technology and move into ArmA territory so to speak.

Right now when we play on this terrain, there will be no slowdowns because of the objects having high section counts and otherwise broken models. Now we can enjoy super fast performance.

Yes it still looks like OFP poop but what can I do if I don't know how to re-texture and have zero artistic skills. Anyone who wants to help is more than welcome to step forward (but we know that'll never happen).

Anyways, just wanted to celebrate this milestone in CAT Afghanistan history :D
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