[VTE] Suggestion on View distance.

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[VTE] Suggestion on View distance.

Post by Elena » 2012-10-02 08:19:42

I'd like to suggest to enable this *http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=7139* tool on the VTE Servers, at least for COOP Missions.

What does this tool do:
a) You can dynamically adjust your Viewdistance anytime from 500-10.000 Meters.
b) You can Define 3 Fast-adjust Buttons via userconfig, enabling Viewdistance switch to the specified Distance with one click (For any other Distance, slide the slider along a line)
c) Define three settings for the terrain grid, varying between 100 and 3.25 where:
100 extreme low detail, lowest detected working value by testing
50 very low detail, no grass, corresponds to "Very Low" setting
25 default in multiplayer, corresponds to "Low" setting
12.5 default in singleplayer, corresponds to "Normal" setting
6.25 corresponds to "high" setting
3.125 very high detail, corresponds to "very high" setting
0.1 ultra high detail, hardly noticeable difference to "very high" by eye, but high performance impact
0 0 is recognized as 6.25 "high" setting
d) The addon is noPvP, so if a mission is defined as type PvP, the mod is disabled.

+ Increasing Viewdistance after planes Take-Off, no lag whiel takeoff on the ground.
+ Increasing Viewdistance temporarily during a mission i.e. to spot enemies over a large distance, decrease again when done to minimize FPS loss.
+ Indipendent from mission-sppecific scripting
+ Client-side only, not required to join the server
+ Decreasing Viewdistance for CQB situations where enemy will be harldy further than 500 meters away, and performance/quick reaction is neccesary.
+ Disabling grass e.g. for helicopter pilost so they have less lag while landing.
+ People with low-spec PC's would be very thankfull definitely.

€dit: Key is downlaodable here: http://www.file-upload.net/download-664 ... bikey.html

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