DOMI_for_PMC51km_Desert WIP

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DOMI_for_PMC51km_Desert WIP

Post by Metal » 2012-09-26 12:24:55

Currently working on a conversion for the Domination mission (by Xeno) to the PMC51km map by PMC.
This map is enourmus :)
Let me start with Thans to Xeno for the Domi, and PMC group for map, Mandolo for the MMA basic. ACE team for ACE and the rest of the community and BIS for ARMA2.

First it will be ACE, love it :D or hate it :evil:
It will include a heavely modified MMA script suite. Basicly adjusted the MMA to just keep the feuters I like and moved a lot of clientside running stuff to server to get it do what it should in heavy load MP enviroment. The guys over at Anrop to help me alpha test stuff.

Below, the progress list is not complete and will be altered during the progress... maybe thats why I call it progress.

Basic domi code is up and running 21 Cities used. - Complete
Sidemissions ~ 50 done, some adjustments still needed (WIP)
Reload function for air units keept as is, adjusted the loadouts to fit the planes used in mission (WIP).
Support module, swapping a lot of code to get it MP friendly with restrictions in usage. (only 1 client open at one time) (WIP)
Makre the actual call from the supportmodule just call the server. (WIP)
Remove some of the extra markers, just turn the group markers on in ACE/Mission (WIP)
Removed all Cameras from the units exept recon. (WIP)
Call reinforcment to base defence groups (WIP)
Make reinforcment not exceed the actual number of AI allowed by mission setup. (WIP)
... more to come

When done.... Make it a carrier op with Nimitz.
When it's done. - later
ADDON needed - yes, list coming later.

Metal [_MTL]

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Re: DOMI_for_PMC51km_Desert WIP

Post by Snake Man » 2012-09-26 18:17:54

Thanks for making mission for this terrain, very nice to see someone is using and enjoying it.
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