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JTD Wolf3d mission

Post by T_Rex » 2011-01-12 15:21:55

Posting this here and at OFPEC, just to get some feedback before going to BI forums with it.

The Setup: Long ago, in what seems like a whole different world, it was 1992. In that year, the DOS-based progenitor of first-person-shooters was released: Wolfenstein 3d. Those of us of a certain age probably spent many hours in university computer labs and dorm rooms playing it. I loved it!

In reflecting on how much fun it was, I decided to try to re-create the style of gameplay with ArmA2. Sure - Wolf3d was very gamey, but it was f'n fun! :)

So, I started work on this mission: JTD_Wolf3d.

Set in Fallujah, you are a US Marine, William Robert "Billy Bob" Blazkowicz, that has been captured by the enemy and taken to a safe house. They've taken all your equipment, and now you must try to escape. Fortunately, you've overpowered and killed one of your captors.

The mission starts with you on the roof of a building and a dead bad guy in front of you. Get out of the city.

(Ironically, your great-grandfather was in a similar situation in WWII....)

The Download:
http://www.mediafire.com/file/h6whbkijd ... ah.0112.7z

The Required Addons:
ArmA2 CO (untested on either vanilla A2, or on straight OA)

Fallujah1, an awesome map.

JTD Ambient Civilian Traffic ver 2 (beta):

JTD Mines:

Extra units and vehicles addon which can be found here:
(Thanks M0ldyM!lk!)

The Install:
The package includes a JTD_Wolf3dObj pbo, which should go in your JTD addons subdirectory. The mission pbo should go in your ArmA2 Missions folder.

The Gameplay:
There are weapons boxes scattered all over the city. The weapons may be better than what you have, or they may not be. Some weapon boxes will always be in the same place, containing the same items, from game to game. Other weapon boxes will be in the same place, but with different contents. Some weapon boxes may or may not be in the same place from game to game.

There are also white medkits and first aid kits. The medkits will heal you more than the first aid kits will. Same thing about their location, although they tend to be in pretty much the same places from game to game.

The enemy groups in your initial area will usually be 3-man patrols. However, once you get to a certain point, you will find truckloads of enemy. If you get past them, more enemy may converge on your location.

(That's as far as I can get.)

Hint: look around the building you start at to see if there are any weapons available.

The Warning:
This is a Work In Progress. I have a clear idea of where I want to go with it, and how it will end. Unfortunately, I can't get there. (Probably going to use Loki's Lost Key eventually.) ;) I just can't seem to survive long enough to make the next 'level', let alone the end scenario. So, I'm opening it up to the public (who are probably better players than I am) to give me some feedback on it.

Sic Semper tyrannosauro.

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