VTE, first step into ArmA.

VTE - The most detailed and comprehensive Vietnam modification for ArmA

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VTE, first step into ArmA.

Post by granQ » 2007-05-27 11:52:42


Hopefully we can get some good modelers on this project and I can help to get stuff ingame and convert the coding from OFP.

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Post by Snake Man » 2007-05-27 15:24:31

Man that looks cool :o
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Post by The-Architect » 2007-06-14 08:24:39

How is this coming along fellas?

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Post by granQ » 2007-06-14 09:40:23

The-Architect wrote:How is this coming along fellas?
i am working mostly on the code but this seriously needs new models, i was hoping to find people that can donate a huey and so on.

I think should be no problem with the weapons (using vilas right now) also he have some soldiers.

So if we wanted to release a "basic nam kit"

Including the following:

All major weapons (ak47, rpg, m16a1, m72, m14, m60 so on).
1-3 diffrent huey's.
American's GI, aircav
some VC, NVA
A basic vietnam island (this tricky before we get tools to spend alot of time)

Then I would say, maybe we could have it done before end of July, BUT BIG BUT, we don't have a proper UH-1 model and that is needed.

Also the vc/nva would be lacking alittle model wise, just doing retextures to start with.

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