You need LSR_US_Navy_SEALs_05b for Hero´s Path!

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You need LSR_US_Navy_SEALs_05b for Hero´s Path!

Post by neuronios » 2006-05-05, 05:41:00 AM

Whats up snakeman?

Just to let you know:

You forgot to say in the readme of Heros Path Campaign that you also need the LSR_US_Navy_SEALs_05b addon!

It took me a while to find out but once i got it I finally got past the second mission, so I hope this can help.

Do you have any idea why saved games wont load and will crash OFP if you exit the campaign and try to load it again later on through the notebook in OFP menu? Just happens in Heros Path...

OFP will also freeze and crash during gameplay, at least its been happening always in the same mission, if youre interested ill go find out which one. Easy to blame it on addons though...anyway, if everything else fails I´ll just have to endmission cheat it. What a pitty, it is a great mission!

Nice campaigns! Fan since the start.

Best Regards.


Re: You need LSR_US_Navy_SEALs_05b for Hero´s Path

Post by Snake_Man » 2006-05-05, 05:46:32 AM

Please use the existing PMC Hero's Path topic.


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