PMC will quit developing for ArmA 2

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PMC will quit developing for ArmA 2

Post by Snake Man » 2016-12-08 19:47:19

PMC will quit developing for ArmA 2

Dec 8th, 2016.

Six years ago on June 16th, 2010 I posted PMC will quit developing for Armed Assault topic and today is our next milestone, PMC quits ArmA 2 editing :)

Yes today is the day when PMC released the last release for arma2 which is VTE v1.6 mod. Next we will continue with arma3 editing.

It is quite emotional to let go the old editing buddy like this, but it always happens as I went through the same emotions with OFP, ArmA and now ArmA 2. Thinking back did we do good enough job, etc. Moving into a new game engine is always exciting and bit scary, now with arma3 more scary than anything else.

Because the move from arma2 to arma3 requires uninstalling the old tools and installing new ones (same as from arma to arma2 actually), it means that PMC cannot support arma2 addons/mods anymore as there is no way to edit them. Missions and campaigns we still can edit as the external tools are capable of packing the pbos just fine, also I intend to keep arma2 installed for a long time so if I need to jump back to it and check something out, its there.

However I wish to keep out of all arma2 editing so there is clear decision to move to arma3, I don't want to jump back and forth. Seeing the arma2 history there has been close to zero bug reports and feedback in past years so I would be really surprised if someone sends some all of the sudden now that we have quit arma2 editing.

I really like (liked?) arma2, it just feels so natural, comfortable and enjoyable (unlike that uncomfortable monster that arma3 is with the 2035 garbage data where community has to create the missing realistic data). I definitely will play it on my local dedicated server for quite some time, I still have some PMC missions I have not completed, heck I have never completed PMC Fury CWR2 campaign! heh.

One thing scares me so much is that once I uninstall the tools and get into arma3 editing... what if I discover that it just sucks too much with all the known issues (no bis backwards compatibility that every engine/tool upgrade breaks something, broken tools, terrain lighting, etc you name it) and I'd have to revert back to arma2. This haunts my dreams at night, it would be so bad to flip flop and jump back and forth between game engines, I really hope that once we switch over to arma3 there will be no problems and no looking back.

ArmA 3, don't let me down... ;)
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