PMC First Fight; Private testing of v0.5

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PMC First Fight; Private testing of v0.5

Post by Snake Man » 2007-05-28, 03:12:53 AM

Hi. I have some problems with v0.5 that I'm putting together here, seems like the initial campaign start sometimes dont activate the weapons & gear (weaponPool). This is major bug as if the player cannot choose his weapons for the first missions, they are pretty much impossible.

Here is the changelog:

Code: Select all

--- fixes v0.5
- swift sweep, one radio comms missing, fixed.
- estrellas and forward cutscene units start on top of buildings, fixed.
- first fight outro, added "(cutscene)" to mission name.
- forward briefing typos, fixed.
- foothold, activated weaponpool again first army mission.
- red dusk briefing typos, fixed.
- gulan heights briefing typos, fixed.
- silent watch briefing typos, fixed.
- silent watch intro, stupib job to get job done titletext, changed.
- us forces arrive cutscene, any guys dead, will lay on the ground, fixed.
- cmp overview.html, added linefeed after the description.
- added 5 new missions.
- added all 1.07 (1.04 really?) included weapons & equipment.
- gulan heights ending triggers faulty, fixed.
So would anyone want to privately test this v0.5?
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Post by Khayes » 2007-10-21, 10:12:22 AM

i'd love to test this new version

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