PMC development computer, mid 2009

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PMC development computer, mid 2009

Post by Snake Man » 2009-06-02 16:06:03

Today I finally bought a new computer running my old rig for five (5) years.

My new setup is as following

Motherboard: Gigabyte M52L-S2P
CPU: AMD Athlon X2 7750, 2.7Ghz.
RAM: 2gb, Kingston DDR2 800mhz.
GPU: ATi Radeon HD 4850, 512mb.

Today was the first day in my life that I ran Armed Assault with highest details on 1600x1200 and it was totally smooth, I was blown outta my mind.

I'm hoping this gaming computer lasts for 2014 :)

My computer updating history

Mid 2009
AMD X2, 7750, 2gb ram, Radeon HD 4850 512mb.

Mid 2004
AMD 2800+, 1gb ram, Radeon 9800 Pro 128.

Pre 2004
CPU? 1.3Ghz, 512mb Ram, Gforce 256.
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