Site loads twice?

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Site loads twice?

Post by Sherlock » 2008-12-09 22:54:08

Is it just me that is having this problem? I come to the site and the icons for the forum threads load quickly (about 8-10) then everything starts over again and the second time there are about 95 icons to load. Is anyone else seeing this behavior?
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Re: Site loads twice?

Post by Snake Man » 2008-12-10 09:53:41

I'm using Firefox v3.0.4 and bad internet connection, so to me it takes several seconds (sometimes more closer to 10 than 5) when I choose our forum address and the page is displayed. However I believe that the page is then displayed almost instantly with everything loaded, sort of like it would load everything on the background when I don't see anything and then just dumps the stuff on my screen, but maybe its just me.

My point is, there is initial wait before anything is loaded for me.

I have not seen that the icons/images would be loaded twice.

Its kind of sad that our own site loads much more slowly to me than many other sites out there, hehe.
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