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ITO3 - For BMS

Post by ranger822 » 2011-09-25 11:06:22

I haven't ruled out adapting ITO2 for BMS4.2. To be quite honest, the ink is barely dry on ITO2 and after the sevearal requests to quite literally pick the bones clean of ITO2, I found requests to be a bit offensive and a little lacking in respect and grace. When someone puts years of effort into something and is immediately, in effect, "ITO2 is dead on arrival," that is a bit disappointing. Nobody can see into the future and whether or not BMS4.x will inherit the Falcon universe is anyone's guess.

Echo7 contacted me and has indicated an interest in producing an Israeli Theater for BMS. If he generates something in the next few months then there may be no need for ITO3 in BMS. I am going to take a much slower approach to making any future commitments to theater development outside of my own preferred version of Falcon - FreeFalcon. I guess I just don't want to keep chasing new Falcon.exe's that come out with amazing rapidity compared to theater projects. There is no rush to convert and I would prefer at the moment to keep ITO2 intact. If someone can deliver an Israeli Theater in the latest version of BMS, more power to them, go for it. However, short of adopting the database, skins, terrain, UI, and other items, the process will take quite a bit of time. Perhaps the best medicine for flashy new Falcon.exe's that demand huge adjustments to existing theaters will be a slow grinding theater process that must follow.

I may very well be totally wrong, and will be the first to admit it if I see 10-15 working theaters released in BMS in the next few months. However, having spent 6 years chasing Cobra, FF4/RV, and finally FF5, my experience was the process is exceptionally, tediously, SLOW to see a fully functional theater with Dogfight, Instant Action, Tactical Engageents, and working campaigns.

One can only imagine if we had, as a community of theater developers, established and maintained a standardized UI, file/folder convention, and specified parts of the Falcon Theater installation that simply could not change/shouldn't change without approval of theater developers as a group. The fact is everyone has flown Korea - for 10+ years and we have spent years waiting for other working theaters to be developed. The public has spent the bulk of its time "waiting" and the development community has spent the bulk of its time working, chasing, reverting, reinventing, making interim partial incomplete releases or simply quitting the process. Remember that a Falcon.exe without follow-on theaters is still just Korea and when you boil it all down - there isn't that much that is new. Whether you choose BMS, FF, OF, AF, Korea is pretty much about the same with some variations. IMHO the promise of Falcon is really found in new and different theaters where our creativity and imagination can run wild and free.

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Re: ITO3 - For BMS

Post by ccc » 2011-09-26 03:09:43

my 0.002c: for theater modders, the pursuit of a moving target ( new , better falcon exe/platform) is inevitiable.
it's the nature of falcon modding history.
the only difference is "how much workload to convert theater mods"..minor UI edits, or extensive DB/cam rework.

For now..the focus should be " how to make theater mods converted effectively".. or "WHO want to do the job for us" :mrgreen:

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