Panama Theater version 1 for Freefalcon 5.55 available

Panama theater

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Panama Theater version 1 for Freefalcon 5.55 available

Post by toonces » 2011-04-10 19:13:28

Hello all.

After much work, I am ready to release a beta version of the Panama Theater by Malc and the Panama Theater Development Team. This is for Freefalcon 5.55 ONLY, and will probably not work with previous versions of Freefalcon, nor other versions of Falcon 4.0.
A few words first: This is not an original work by me, nor the Freefalcon team. This theater was originally created by Malc and some unnamed others a long time ago. I started goofing off in this theater several years ago and Malc was kind enough to give me permission to edit it.

Over the last two years or so I have created dozens of campaigns for this theater. However, my long-term goal has always been to remain true to the original creators' theater concept and to that end, I have only edited the two included legacy campaigns to eliminate bugs that caused CTDs, and brought the campaigns to Freefalcon 5.55 database standards.

As stated previously, I have been working on and off on this theater for several years. I'm at the point where I've lost track of what works and what doesn't, what campaigns are keepers and which are trash, and what edits I made where and why I made them. So, with that in mind, here is the most recent version of everything that I can find...campaigns that have been sitting on my hard drive being enjoyed solely by me for far too long. I could work on these forever, but at some point I feel I've reached the point of diminishing returns, and the time invested isn't worth the minimal changes you will experience to the core gameplay.

The members of the Freefalcon team and the folks at PMC have provided a lot of guidance, and without their knowledge I would never have made it this far. Derstef has also been a great help and I'm thankful as ever for his support.

Ok, here's what's in this mod:

The original Panama Theater
Two legacy campaigns, compatible with the FF 5.55 master DB
One additional work-in-progress campaign. It is not complete and I recommend skipping it for now.

Actually, that's all there is. Doesn't seem like years worth of work, does it?

Known issues:
The UI screen is a mess. I don't know how to fix it.
You may get Korea videos. Just roll with it.
You may see issues with aircraft getting in each other's way on taxiways and ramps. I don't know how to fix that either.

This is a version 1 release. I will release other campaigns as I clean them up.

Installation instructions:

1. Download the original Panama Theater uploaded by fafa here:
Unzip it and copy/paste the Panama folder to your freefalcon5/theaters folder.

2. VERY IMPORTANT: you must navigate to your freefalcon5 folder, open up the file called "theater.lst" with notepad. Add the following verbatim after the last line:
Click save.

3. Download the mod here:
Unzip the folder to your freefalcon5/theaters/Panama folder, allowing it to overwrite all files.

Start Freefalcon 5. Change to Panama Theater. Exit completely from Freefalcon 5. Restart Freefalcon 5, pick your campaign, and go blow things up!

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Re: Panama Theater version 1 for Freefalcon 5.55 available

Post by demer928 » 2011-04-11 18:37:03

Congrat's M8!!!!!!!! :D


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