PMC USA Florida Orlando

Part of ArmA 3 PMC Real World Data Terrains project. Location in real world: google/maps

This is not a conflict zone terrain but just a tourist terrain so to speak. All peace and calm here :)

40km x 40km with 40,960 x 40,960 resolution satellite image from ArcGIS world imagery (1 meters / pixel).

History of this terrain was that in September 2017 when hurricane Irma hit florida I was watching live news footage and decided to make several small 40km terrains during the storm. I've been in florida and somehow I felt "connected" to people there during the storm while making these terrains (difficult to explain). Several of these florida terrains were in direct path of hurricane Irma.

Required Addons

CUP terrains (core)


--- v0.1
- initial release
- 172,391 vegetation objects added


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