PMC Mongolia

Part of ArmA 3 PMC Real World Data Terrains project. Location in real world: google/maps

409.6km x 409.6km with 204,800 x 204,800 resolution satellite image from ArcGIS world imagery (2 meters / pixel).

This is the largest terrain in the history of OFP/ArmA games. There has been larger terrains kilometer wise, PMC released 409km terrain already back in arma(1), but PMC Mongolia is proper terrain using massive satellite texture/mask and 19,000 vegetation objects plus OpenStreetMap roads.

However this is high-score record breaking terrain more than actual playable terrain, for example ArmA 3 is in brink of running out of memory when running such huge satellite texture/mask and a lot of roads. Adding more roads would have caused bad performance. Floating point precision becomes a real issue on such huge terrain, when you get near top right corner the floating point precision shaking is severe, I would not want to play as infantry up there, also driving cars is problematic, aircraft's do fly fine though.

If you want to check out something really insane, what ArmA 3 engine is capable of, you need to try out PMC Mongolia. But if you just want a large terrain for multiplayer etc use, then grab any other PMC terrain available.

Download size is also pretty massive 25.8gb release packet and 36.7gb unpacked pbo's, yes as in thirty six point seven gigabytes :)

Required Addons

CUP terrains (core)


--- v0.1
- 2020-12-05 initial release


Opteryx; satellite texture clouds/patches fixes, middle_mco + s_satout_co textures, rvmat texgen info, in-game name


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