PMC Iran Jahrom

Part of ArmA 3 PMC Real World Data Terrains project. Location in real world: google/maps

163.8km x 163.8km with 163,840 x 163,840 resolution satellite image from ArcGIS world imagery (1 meters / pixel).

This is the largest ever released ArmA 3 terrain, meaning satellite texture, terrain size and object count combined (empty object-less terrains with tiny satellite textures do not count), as of 2018-02-21. PMCTODO 2024-03-23T08:15:15Z verify against PMC Mongolia, which one is the biggest terrain in combined "value"!?

Iran Jahrom terrain includes several modern building cities, industrial sites, mud hut villages and forests. Total of 675,995 objects.

Background is that we wanted to test if we can get 163,840 x 163,840 resolution satellite in-game fully working, well we did manage that. Then because we chose the location so carefully, it turned out this terrain would fit perfectly into PMC Real World Data fly boy terrain theme so here we are.

Required Addons

CUP terrains (core)


--- v0.1
- initial release


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