Dev Diary PMC Ukraine Yenky ArmA 3 Terrain

2021-10-24 Project Started

2021-10-24T22:28:00Z Created this page Smiley :)

Purpose of this terrain is to have some mainly agricultural farming area with many corn fields, I was thinking initially about Farming Simulator 19 terrain which means no more than 16km maybe max 20km terrain size (most likely 8.1km), but that is way too small for arma3 even for such almost tourist type terrain (there is no farming in arma3). Search finds that ukraine is a big corn producer, so I definitely wanted to do corn farming terrain heh.

Edit 2022: gives me the creeps to read that opening paragraph now in 2022 after Russian invasion of Ukraine, not much happy farming going on in this planting season Smiley :(

Got Global Mapper user created feature grid done, KMZ exported and terra incognita started to download ArcGIS 17 level imagery. Then assigned colors to OpenStreetMap (OSM) shape areas.

2021-10-24T23:37:00Z Terra Incognita finished exporting the satellite imagery. But have to call it a night here, getting very late and nothing I could do now wouldn't make any difference so better to continue tomorrow with full day ahead of me.

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