Dev Diary PMC Ukraine Mykolaiv ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-03-27 New Vegetation Objects

2022-03-27T18:29:00Z New editing day has started. Today I already released PMC Ukraine Melitopol and PMC Ukraine Chernihiv, before my bed time I'm going to continue editing mykolaiv a bit Smiley :)

Added Russian invasion of Ukraine starting day noon into config.cpp as startDate (mission editor starts on this date/time).

Copied latest terrain processor TPP templates into TerrainProcessor/ dir along with the LBT deleting and roads.* copying bat files, edited the road bat and ran it so now we got roads.* shape files in the dir.

Then ran terrain processor to generate new vegetation objects. It got puny 691,403 objects, heh wow, maybe I need to install training wheels for this little terrain hehe.

2022-03-27T18:51:00Z Finished importing vegetation objects to terrain builder. Then exported WRP and saved project before exited terrain builder.

Then moveObject re-pathed WRP and started pboProject binarization. Lets get updates to arma3.

Whie binarize was processing I started to put together web page files, no rush, just slowly putting php files into the dir one step at the time. I wont be releasing third terrain today, but just don't want to waste time waiting for binarize to finish.

2022-03-27T19:12:00Z Finished binarizing.

Did the in-game check, everything looks pretty good. Ocean coastline has some slight issues but overall its OK, any changes from this state to perfection would require insane amount of work, probably on piece of shit buldozer as I cant imagine anyone doing it in L3DT, I sure wont. Hopefully I figure out a tool pipeline to do nice coastlines with global mapper and PMC heightmap Clipper.

Right now I cant think of anything else to do, this terrain most likely will be released tomorrow so beginning of the day involves web page editing and screenshot taking. But for now its time for me to call it a day.

2022-03-27T19:29:00Z Enough editing for today, time to chill a little bit before bed time. More editing tomorrow Smiley :)

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