Dev Diary PMC Ukraine Mariupol ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-03-15 Terrain Processor European Woodland

2022-03-15T03:29:00Z Spend hours creating somewhat decent CUP chernarus european woodland forest terrain processor TPP file, its not very good but still better than the previous one I had. So now going to generate new set of objects with it.

Objects generated was 2 million something, interesting to see how it will look in-game and are there any wasteful objects meaning objects which just eat precious object count for no benefit. Wasteful objects for example are small bushes in a forest, you can hardly see them when flying a helicopter and certainly not a fast mover jet aircraft, so no reason to waste object count for such silly object type in a location such as forest... IN GENERAL, obviously if you have plenty of object count space to use, then add some bushes, no problemo.

When terrain builder was done importing, there was some template libraries missing, well of course there was, haha.

Oh well, updated Terrain Builder Template Libraries from PMC github repo and loaded terrain builder back up.

2022-03-15T04:18:00Z Started terrain builder generate layers, going to get those new ocean seabed texture tiles done.

2022-03-15T07:25:00Z That got done some time ago, now finished convert layers PNG to PAA fast bat.

Moments later WRP and data was split, then layer RVMAT's re-pathed.

2022-03-15T07:45:00Z Getting tired, bored, etc for todays editing, will be spending remainder of the day just watching tv.

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