Dev Diary PMC Ukraine Kyiv ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-02-26 Project Started

2022-02-26T06:07:00Z This dev diary page created.

All my life I've known the city of Kiev, I bet you have heard saying of "Chicken Kiev" etc, so it was odd to me see many web sites calling Kiev with some odd "Kyiv" name in 2022. Doing a little googling shows that the new name is the legit Ukrainian spelling of the name.

Kyiv is Ukrainian spelling, Kiev is old soviet union communist era name.

PMC will call Ukrainian capital city "Kyiv" from now on. Glory to Ukraine!, Слава Україні!, Slava Ukraini!

2022-02-26T06:23:00Z Had the 00.txt real world data terrain tool pipeline text file setup, but its less than 10min before global mapper finishes exporting PMC Ukraine Mariupol satellite texture and then I've got my hands busy in GIMP editing the images, so decided to wait these few minutes watching live streams and news from Russia Ukraine War.

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