Dev Diary PMC Ukraine Kherson ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-04-01 Ocean Bottom Heightmap

2022-04-01T08:26:00Z New editing day has started, oh hey we started a whole new month. Yesterday after that somewhat extensive heightmap work to fix water creeping to land issue and dnieper river, editing ended as I was so disappointed when it didn't work. Analyzing my work later in the day shows that one step was done wrong, where 0m to 1m should have followed I stupidly used -1.25m value which is why water is still there. Well that is easy to fix, just needs to jump through all the hoops on that ocean bottom heightmap tool pipeline.

That is todays plan, fix the ocean bottom heightmap.

So did the whole long cumbersome tool pipeline to fix heightmap water creeping on land and adding dnieper river depth, same as yesterday except I didn't make a mistake today Smiley ;)

Finally got heightmap into terrain builder.

PMC Ukraine Kherson ArmA 3 Screenshot

2022-04-01T09:01:00Z Finished in terrain builder and started pboProject binarization. Crossing fingers this would work...

Checked it in arma3 in-game and no more water creeping into land! Whohoo! Smiley :)

But discovered kind of hilarious bug.

PMC Ukraine Kherson ArmA 3 Screenshot

Heh damn sea weeds stick out of the water haha!

PMC Ukraine Kherson ArmA 3 Screenshot

But hey at least my satellite mask PMC_Terrain_Data\source\layers.cfg RGB values work.

Dnieper river now looks like a river, no water creeping into land on the river banks.

PMC Ukraine Kherson ArmA 3 Screenshot PMC Ukraine Kherson ArmA 3 Screenshot

In the below image nevermind the top/north most river parts being not under water, its just arma3 LOW video settings LOD issue. GIMP painted ocean coastlines (river in this case) turned out pretty accurate and decent looking in-game.

PMC Ukraine Kherson ArmA 3 Screenshot

Here is the top/north most river in the NE corner, no issue there.

PMC Ukraine Kherson ArmA 3 Screenshot

This is lazyness or well mood that this river doesn't need to be painted now. Well I knew it would look bad in-game but have to admit, had no idea it would look THIS bad.

PMC Ukraine Kherson ArmA 3 Screenshot

Game-play wise such unpainted GIMP coastline is not a big issue, nobody would sail a boat there, but yeah it does look pretty awful. And lazyness continues, I am definitely not going back and paint those left out river areas now as it would mean hours and hours of work and waiting. Sorry but this is as good as it gets right now. There is always the next upgrade.

But yeah I decided now that the next coastline I'm painting, it all or nothing, whats the point of painting most if you leave such eye sore in there. Or dunno, at least to me unpainted coastline in the above screenshot looks real bad.

2022-04-01T12:53:00Z Heh did the in-game test, then wanted to "quickly" check what FPS arma3 gives without Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) running on my current hardware setup on dedicated server... and got lost in PMC Rugen when playing on PMC Terrorist Path Deluxe (Rugen) mission Smiley ;)

And now its lunch time, also I got excited about fixing few things on that mission and try it again, so hopefully that wont ruin terrain editing day completely Smiley :)

spoiler: what do you think...

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