Dev Diary PMC Ukraine Kherson ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-03-01 Project Started

2022-03-01T05:27:00Z This page was created, terrain project started.

Right off the bat I ran into design issue, 81.9km terrain was too large, city of Mykolaiv was in the NW direction and I could have squeezed both of the cities into 81.9km terrain but they would have been in NW and SE corners, this would have resulted into very bad arma3 gaming experience because ArmA 3 Floating Point Precision would have been bad on those corners and overall mission design, hell design in general would have been simply bad.

So I decided to split both kherson and mykolaiv terrains into individual 40km terrains, compact excellent game-play size terrain, its the bare minimum of "large" terrain even though its a small, smallest I would ever do. Also can get two terrains done, more focused mission / campaign making opportunities.

2022-03-01T05:58:00Z Global Mapper project file created, user created feature grid locked into place, KMZ exported, Terra Incognita single download part started.

PMC Ukraine Kherson ArmA 3 Screenshot

As terra incognita was downloading, I switched to edit another ukraine terrain, to optimize time use.

2022-03-01T08:25:00Z Terra incognita finished downloading.

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