Dev Diary PMC Ukraine Kharkiv ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-03-23 Actual Release Day

2022-03-23T23:52:00Z New editing day has started. I woke up and was glad to see pboProject binarization had finished, all OK.

Dev Diary PMC Ukraine Kharkiv ArmA 3 Screenshot

Start time: 2022-03-23T0542
End time: 2022-03-23T2112

2022-03-24T01:35:00Z Just did arma3 in-game check and results are extreme disappointment. First of all before I even noticed anything wrong I realized that I made a mistake on heightmap.asc shuffle, the airfield runway heightmap smoothing got erased because new terrain processor road smoothing used the ASC file which did not include airfield runway smoothing, so while roads got fixed airfields got broken, left hand doesnt know what right hand is doing hehe.

And then the bad part... no objects, not a single vegetation object in sight, nothing, nada, zip Smiley :o

Err well what the hell was I binarizing for over 12hrs straight then?

Oh man what a shit show Smiley :(

So guess I'll go back and first fix the airfield runway smoothing, maybe I can find the old heightmap.asc that was OK, then run terrain processor again and import that heightmap to terrain builder. Once that is fully working and binarized (without objects) I can go and do another set of terrain processor vegetation generation.


But today we work smart, if it looks... even smells like that something is going wrong with binarize, like well over one hour binarization time, or ANY other editing process seems to be off, I'm calling it and simply task manager kill everything and retry. I am done sitting on my hands waiting for no reason Smiley :(

2022-03-24T02:06:00Z Time to continue editing. It kind of feels like I'm dragging my feet here, there are so many terrains to finish and release but like yesterday feels like I got nothing done, all day was spent binarizing. Lets make today a better editing day.

Used L3DT and exported heightmap_airfields_smoothed.asc heightmap, I have to assume this is the already smoothed airfield runways in the L3DT project. Then imported this ASC into terrain builder, rebuilt terrain, exported WRP and saved project. Ran moveObject WRP re-pathing and then started pboProject binarization. I want to check that binarization works on this object-less terrain and airfield runways are smoothed OK.

While binarize was chewing on the WRP addon, I started thinking... the global mapper exported obj_forest OSM shape files... hmm, were those in UTM 31N or in the original real world data location which is UTM 37N, it just might be that I forgot to export the TRANSFORMED UTM 31N shapes, it would make sense that terrain processor just did what it was told, generated objects on shapes regardless of the coordinates, then terrain builder imported the objects in their coordinates which were who-the-fuck-knows where "off the terrain grid" heh.

After quickly checking p:\temp\pmc\pmc_ukraine_kharkiv\source\terrainprocessor\ where pboProject moved the dir (sigh), opened up the smallest LBT export file and sure enough, coordinates were all off like this:

0.776957 0 0.306238 0 0.835131 0 -0.306238 0 0.776957 265118.429365 0 5566231.014020 0 t_picea2s
-0.941162 0 -0.678515 0 1.160245 0 0.678515 0 -0.941162 265119.373258 0 5566263.852511 0 Misc_trunk_torzo
-1.062710 0 0.506012 0 1.177030 0 -0.506012 0 -1.062710 265119.137285 0 5566281.837275 0 t_pinusn2s

In short coordinates should be 200,000/0 starting but right now we got the second coord 5 MILLION number, which clearly is off the terrain grid.

So binarize did its thing, trying to optimize the WRP and guess it did several checks or "got lost" or whatever when it encountered an P3D object so far off the terrain coordinate range. No wonder it took over 12hrs to binarize and final result in-game was 0 objects in the terrain Smiley :)

Oh well, mistake was made with global mapper export UTM zone, that was the root cause. Such a small mistake evolved into what I would summarize as one day of wasted time.

But you know what... this mistake gained some more knowledge and I wont be making the same mistake ever again. Well I didn't actually learn anything new, of course I know about UTM zone but now I'm making sure when exporting shapes its done from the transformed ones instead of the gloabl mapper "original source" shape layer. Uhm kind of difficult to explain but yeah anyways.

Making mistakes is fine if you always gain knowledge and experience from them, one step forward always, never back, if you fall down you WILL get up dust yourself off and act better the next time. That's how we roll bitches Smiley :D

2022-03-24T02:43:00Z So while binarize was running I used global mapper to load the transformed OSM area shapes and exported them as 2 x 2 grid tile setup.

Then had to wait for binarize to finish so Source/ dir is back on its rightful place before proceeding to generate properly geo located objects. Binarization should not take a long time without any objects, but as I said above not going to waste any time, I'm going to start slowly putting together the web pages while waiting. Web page work will definitely be the background slow cooking process, I'm assuming binarize will finish any moment now anyways.

2022-03-24T02:53:00Z And as expected, binarize finished just as I got 2 php files copy pasted heh.

Full console log for pboProject binarization, for time reference:

        1 file(s) copied.
*** pmc ukraine_kharkiv
Start time: 2022-03-24T0213
pboproject pmc_ukraine_kharkiv_data_layers_04
pboproject pmc_ukraine_kharkiv_data_layers_03
pboproject pmc_ukraine_kharkiv_data_layers_02
pboproject pmc_ukraine_kharkiv_data_layers_01
pboproject pmc_ukraine_kharkiv_data_layers_00
pboproject pmc_ukraine_kharkiv_data_layers
pboproject pmc_ukraine_kharkiv_data
pboproject pmc_ukraine_kharkiv_cfg
pboproject pmc_ukraine_kharkiv
End time: 2022-03-24T0252

In-game check confirms airfield runways are now smoothed, good. At least some progress today. Renamed the previous heightmap ASC file to just "heightmap.asc" now as our main source. Then used terrain processor to smooth roads again.

Copied the new global mapper UTM 31N zone exported OSM area shapes for obj_forest_* and terrain processor generated brand new proper coordinated vegetation objects Smiley :)

Grid A1 generated 1.497 million objects, A2 3.309 million, B1 4.291 million and B2 3.765 million. Pretty nice set, now lets see if these import to terrain builder OK Smiley :)

2022-03-24T03:09:00Z Started terrain builder importing the new vegetation LBT export object files. This will take a few moments again, good time for me to create more of those web pages for PMC Ukraine Kharkiv Smiley :)

2022-03-24T03:23:00Z Got this dev diary web page created until this point in the time line (could I have said it any more awkwardly heh). What I mean is new web page php created, dev diary TEXT moved from my localhost dev dir and proper HTML code tags added etc. Now all ukraine-kharkiv.php pages are created, next is to actually add "content" like changelog, screenshots, etc, then proof read it all and make sure finer detail formatting beautify is in.

Oh and lets finish editing the actual terrain as well Smiley :p

2022-03-24T04:47:00Z Terrain builder finished importing objects. Saved project, worked ok (pfewf), exported WRP, came out as 12.865 million objects. Closed terrain builder, all good here.

Dev Diary PMC Ukraine Kharkiv ArmA 3 Screenshot

Then moveObject re-pathed WRP file and started pboProject binarization. Now we wait again. Hopefully once this process is done, we have fully release ready brand new ukraine terrain in arma3 Smiley :)

2022-03-24T05:32:00Z Finished binarizing.

Start time: 2022-03-24T0450
End time: 2022-03-24T0532

Before next arma3 in-game test went to grab a bite to eat. After feeding was done got to test kharkiv in-game, everything looked pretty good, airfields and roads are all smooth, nice forests which definitely eat some object space. Looks nice.

2022-03-24T07:08:00Z Finished taking, choosing, renaming and editing screenshots for web.

2022-03-24T07:45:00Z It is time start creating the release package and related items.

Got release 7-zip packet done, pmc_ukraine_kharkiv_v0.1.7z 3.75gb heh these terrain file sizes are impressive Smiley ;)

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