Dev Diary PMC Ukraine Donetsk ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-02-25 Roads.shp Bug Hunt

2022-02-25T03:55:00Z New editing day has started, yesterday discovered cause for the roads being broken in-game, it was global mapper saving. I just confirmed it now with systematical step by step bug hunting / testing, I loaded roads.shp using terrain builder and exported them, then they work just fine, however if I global mapper load the roads.shp and simply save, it breaks, doesn't work in-game arma3 anymore.

So that pisses me off, what is wrong with my global mapper shapefile saving now Smiley :(

Okay I can get the job done by doing that stupid terrain builder import/export shuffle, but its just so lame to have to do that.

Anyways todays editing day... err not much to do, objects for buildings and meadows have been removed, so dunno what other fixes there are for next. I'm going to switch fixing roads.shp for luhansk and mariupol now.

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