Dev Diary PMC Taiwan Kaohsiung ArmA 3 Terrain

2021-10-09 Project Started

2021-10-09T05:06:00Z Created this page Smiley :)

Decided to create 81.9km x 81.9km taiwan terrain to city of Kaohsiung (nice spelling that for hundred times hehe). google/maps So off we go, lets get started.

Got quick first leap into this terrain done, Global Mapper project created, heightmap downloaded, KMZ exported, OpenStreetMap (OSM) shapes handled and Terra Incognita downloading first satellite texture corner.

2021-10-09T05:42:00Z Lunch break time, I'm starvin' ...

2021-10-09T06:12:00Z Feeding time over, back to creating taiwan terrains.

PMC Taiwan Kaohsiung ArmA 3 Screenshot

While terra incognita was downloading satellite I proceeded to transform OSM shapes to Terrain Builder readable 200,000/0 coordinates.

And again I'm suffering from editing excitement, I cant seem to be able to slow down to take screenshots. Hmph yeah I'm recording dev diary video all the time but its just somehow not the same, videos youtubes and whatnot's come and go, but PMC website, this webpage youre reading now is forever, this dev diary page and similar ones like it must be my focus, so more screenshots dammit Smiley ;)

Then global mapper assigned colors to OSM areas. This is still very new to me and I'm finding my way, developing that tool pipeline how to do it. Looks like I need to add more terrain types to PMC_Terrain_Data addon layers.cfg config file.

Next exported satellite mask, then ran GraphicsMagick bat file to convert RGB 255,255,255 to RGB 250,250,250 which is used in layers.cfg, heh yep a big difference Smiley :)

PMC Taiwan Kaohsiung ArmA 3 Screenshot

2021-10-09T07:37:00Z Terra incognita finished downloading NW corner, then started NE corner immediately, no time to waste, we got terrains to develop here.

2021-10-09T09:29:00Z Terra incognita finished downloading NE corner, then started SW corner immmediately, hey this is copy-paste country right here Smiley ;)

Cleaned up global mapper directories here, for example deleted PMC Mongolia satellite texture / mask images which took whopping 234gb. I managed to squeeze in 285gb free space for PMC DevSurf E: editing hard disk drive (HDD). Pretty good for a simple cleanup operation.

I would like to start the other taiwan terrains in global mapper but feel like it becomes too messy and confusing to write several dev diaries and especially recording videos for different projects as I want to keep them all separated. But I guess if I intend to document that 2017 year alike madness editing processes then I need to record 4+ projects in a single video.

Terra incognita seems to take about 2hrs per 45km x 45km corner piece for 81.9km terrain, so if they are prompty started to download next pieces in theory it takes roughly 8hrs to download whole thing, probably a bit more considering often times I cant keep up when download finishes or perhaps I'm sleeping while it happens etc. Obviously if you start downloading in the morning then you have no problems finishing one 81.9km terrains satellite imagery within a day. Heck if you really push it you could download two of them (last corner piece would start dowloading before you go to bed at night). Aaanyways.

2021-10-09T10:47:00Z Something came up, several things actually, but I cant focus on recording dev diary videos, writing this text and edit at the same time, its also getting quite late for my day (been up about 15hrs now) so I'm going to call it a night right now for Taiwan Kaohsiung editing. I'm going to download terra incognita satellite imagery "off the books" tonight before going to bed, so tomorrow we get to kick off some hardcore editing for sure. Kind of bummed out that have to call it a night so suddenly, but oh well what can you do.

ArcGIS satellite imagery Terra Incognita Black Tiles: Taiwan_Kaohsiung_81km_1_arcgis_17_level

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