Dev Diary PMC Poland Lask ArmA 3 Terrain

2024-01-01T15:28:00Z New editing day has started, hey its a new year 2024 already, me getting back to editing has absolutely zero to do with a new week, new month and a new year change, its just simply that yesterday I was suffering from such a bad burnout boredom just watching blank computer screen for hours basically that today I decided it doesn't matter what I do as long its not staring at blank screens. So after waking up and getting mandatory computer morning chores done, I already launched arma3 with PMC Poland Lask terrain and checked out the basics.

Now I finished eating days first meal and next editing work continues to go through my arma3 release procedure check list.

Ran bisign tool to create bisign keys for PMC Poland Lask addons.

Edited 2._run_pack_latest_release.bat batch file for version number and addon name, then ran it which started to 7-zip compress the addon PBOs, this will take a moment as its 4937mb of data to pack...

2024-01-01T16:01:00Z 7-Zip finished packing PMC Poland Lask addon PBOs, pmc_poland_lask_v0.1.7z file size is 2.96gb. A chunk.

2024-01-01T17:06:00Z Finished moving dev diary localhost web page into actual PMC Tactical website dev diary sub pages. Now just need to write this last page up and then dev diary is all done, but for that I need some release steps done Smiley :)

2024-01-01T17:24:00Z Launched steamshit client and arma3 using ultra graphics video settings, then took screenshots. Unfortunately didn't have the save uncompressed copy setting selected so had to go dig up screenshots in some bitch-ass steamshit dir in c:\users\.

But in the end I had to redo the whole thing, steamshit saved the screenshots as JPG and, ugh, so decided to just fire up everything again and do screenshots one step at the time to make sure proper PNG is saved to the proper dir.

2024-01-01T18:14:00Z Screenshots taken, renamed, converted to JPG and added to screenshots page. Man that did some doing, its been many many months since the last PMC arma3 release where I had to go through the steps of editing screenshots, had to pull that muscle memory from somewhere deep, but eventually found it Smiley :)

2024-01-01T18:58:00Z Got all PMC Editing Wiki links added to this terrains dev diary pages. But now ran into some qBittorrent problems generating torrent for the 7-zip file.

2024-01-01T19:18:00Z qBittorrent finished generating .torrent file with all the necessary stuff.

Took a really long time to upload that .7z packet to my seedbox, but had to get it done before release, I want release be ready for first downloader with 100% capacity instead of still trickling down bit by bit.

At this point I felt like oh man this release making is not that easy, so many steps and things to double check, not to copy-paste wrong text, links, etc in place Smiley :)

And it doesn't help that its been so many months since last PMC release that have forgotten "The Edge" of release procedures, luckily I had some documentation to guide me through, but I need to be more specific on those docs, like "explain it to me like I'm 5" Smiley ;)

2024-01-01T20:02:00Z Torrent source file upload complete, also uploaded screenshots and all web PHP pages except the ones that make this release actually show up on the website.

Guess there is not much more to do than to actually release it, hmm Smiley :o

2024-01-01T20:10:00Z PMC Poland Lask v0.1 has been released! Smiley :D

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