Dev Diary PMC Poland Krynki ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-04-11 Initial Release Day

2022-04-11T17:10:00Z New editing day has started. I left DOS CMD console box open since last night when pboProject finished binarizing, now woke up, did morning computer chores, ate days first meal and now its time to start arma3 and go check how krynki looks, crossing fingers everything works ...

Aayeah arma3 in-game check is success; roads.shp working, forest tree lines look great and thick enough (they better with 18.2 million objects hehe)... and what else, there was no airfields so.

Yesterday release procedures were already started, did everything was possible without having arma3 access while terrain builder was processing. So now web pages are pretty much done (like this one you're reading now), next is to crank arma3 video settings to ULTRA and take those dreaded screenshots for web pages. Right now starting by creating bisign keys and the actual release 7-zip packet, then screenshots.

Updated mod.cpp just prior to packing the 7-zip release package, well going to in-game there was one error, "overview =" was listed twice (doh!) and arma3 crashed on it, hehe nice error checking there Smiley ;)

So fixed that, deleted the now broken release packet, then went to in-game to take the screenshots. Then got screenshots sorted, renamed, edited and converted.

2022-04-11T19:11:00Z Screenshots are in localhost web pages and looking good, release packet uploaded to our "seedbox" and two torrents are seeding (there are no leechers because its not released yet). Alright, its time to put web pages online and take a one last look that everything is working before pushing the evil big red button for the release Smiley :)

2022-04-11T19:38:00Z PMC Poland Krynki v0.1 has been released! Smiley :cool:

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