Dev Diary PMC Chechnya Grozny ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-04-26 A Very Short Editing Day

2022-04-26T08:13:00Z New editing day has started. Lets get this terrain binarized while having a days first meal...

2022-04-26T09:04:00Z Had some issues with pboProject bat files, forgetting moveObject re-path the WRP, but now finally binarization finished, we are good to go for arma3 check.

However... I have... honestly, and embarrassingly zero interest of doing that right now, after morning computer chores and days first meal is done now, all I want to do is play Farming Simulator 19 PMC Iowa Garden City 8km Start From Zero 2022 savegame Smiley ;)

2022-04-27T08:23:00Z New editing day has started, whats next hmm well that arma3 check, how does everything look in-game.

Well forgot to binarize pmc_chechnya_grozny_data addon which has the fixed roads, airfield runways do seem to be smoothed, forests look good, satellite texture/mask is OK now with new surface mask resolution, overall everything looks good as soon as I binarize _data addon.

2022-04-27T08:30:00Z Binarized _data addon. Hmm whats next, guess its just starting the release procedures.

Unfortunately shortly after I had zero motivation to continue, this is the usual burnout boredom since I've been doing computer stuff at home every day since august 2016, nothing unusual but of course bummer when you wanted to edit but suddenly are struck down with burnout.

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