PMC First Fight

This is the first user made campaign for Armed Assault (ArmA 1), initially released November 25th 2006.

Missions are pure infantry combat where you take the role of Army squad leader, special forces team leader and sniper.

Required Addons


No Queens Gambit required.


This campaign uses saveStatus and weaponPool, so you must delete the old savegames found on your ArmA User Profiles directory (where ever that is) or the saves and weapons get lost/corrupted. Simply delete Saved/ dir completely, if you have other campaigns going, then you should specifically only delete the PMC campaign stuff, but how to do that... you'll need to figure out by your own.

Place PMC_First_Fight.pbo into the mod dir of your choice under "campaigns/" directory. In my ArmA its d:\ArmA\x_pmc\campaigns\ directory which I launch with -mod=x_pmc parameter.

Read further install instructions in HOWTO Install ArmA 1 Addons.


--- fixes v0.7
- added new final mission.
- tweaked final cutscene.
- swift sweep won't end, fixed.
- forward ending triggers wont activate (units building rooftops?), added briefing note.
- estrellas takes long time to finish after enemies are all dead, fixed.
- champagne does not end even all enemies dead, timeout 20min added to briefing, ie; fixed.
- night shift -> init_weaponpool.sqs not found error, fixed.
- airwave -> init_weaponpool.sqs not found error, fixed.
- saveStatus is for "PMC_army?" but unitnames are "PMC_a?" sigh. fixed.
- small trigger tweaks to champagne.

--- fixes v0.6
- cleaned up some scripts, formatting really.
- tweaked silent watch knowsAbout values, changed from 0 to 0.25 value.
- added four brand new missions.
- resorts obj1 completed without entering obj area, fixed.
- opening player squad start location, no 8 stuck in tree/building, fixed.
- opening briefing typo "wit", fixed.
- enchant briefing typos, fixed.
- strokes briefing says start at base, but its really a cedras, fixed.
- changed from sqs to sqf script format

--- fixes v0.5
- long day, undisclosed location, added few idling soldiers and uaz.
- gulan heights briefing typo "suprise", fixed.
- gulan heights added briefing support part.
- gulan heights added troops to some mission related towns.
- gulan heights added SU34 air patrol.
- gulan heights added tent + ammobox / camp stuff to the objectives.
- gulan heights bmp patrol near objectives were not good, tweaked.
- gulan heights objective triggers tweaked to more practical setup.
- gulan heights changed the hind to MG equipped version.
- gulan heights changed another hind to KA-50.
- gulan heights aa 2, adjusted targets position.
- gulan heights added car patrols, as roads felt so empty.
- gulan heights added soldiers to gulan.
- long day added defenses to gulan, fd65 farmhouse and hotel type valley.
- long day, added car patrols.
- long day, added airbase defences.
- long day, added vehicles to airbase.
- disabled team switch.
- seek friends ending cutscene fired while radiocomms was playing, fixed.
- silent watch, red dusk bugged team loadstatus, fixed.
- silent watch, added patrols and defenses. propably more interesting now.
- silent watch too early, BIS changed engine, added half an hour.
- missions 7, 8, 12-14 had no radio replys, fixed.
- all briefings got minor adjustments.
- added bn880's random weather.
- swift sweep, one radio comms missing, fixed.
- estrellas and forward cutscene units start on top of buildings, fixed.
- first fight outro, added "(cutscene)" to mission name.
- forward briefing typos, fixed.
- foothold, activated weaponpool again first army mission.
- red dusk briefing typos, fixed.
- gulan heights briefing typos, fixed.
- silent watch briefing typos, fixed.
- silent watch intro, stupib job to get job done titletext, changed.
- us forces arrive cutscene, any guys dead, will lay on the ground, fixed.
- cmp overview.html, added linefeed after the description.
- added 5 new missions.
- added all 1.07 (1.04 really?) included weapons & equipment.
- gulan heights ending triggers faulty, fixed.

--- fixes v0.4
- recon missions start, briefing updated for weapons carry guideline.
- 1st mission briefing updated for three mission weapons carry guideline.
- 2nd mission briefing updated for NO SHOOTING orders.
- 1st mission briefing updated that player is allowed to shoot.
- night shift mission wont end. tweaked it a bit, perhaps it helps.

--- fixes v0.3
- cleared weaponpool on strip recon (no rearming on field).
- added gps on the recon missions.
- get rid of the AI boats on two missions.
- swift sweep too difficult, did some tweaking.

--- fixes v0.2
- added mission-intro cutscenes for all early missions.
- added identitys for soldiers so far in campaign; SF and regular.
- added cutscene 1 (us forces arrive).
- added weaponpool with all BIS (is there any other, DOH!) magazines, weapons & gear.
(also added many missions and small tweaks, but not listed here for storyline purposes).

Forum Topic

Discussion about this campaign can be found at PMC Tactical Forum topic.

Make note about the earlier promises of helo pilot and tank commander missions, these ideas are moved into two different new campaigns. These campaigns are discussed in PMC Tactical Forums topic. Please join in the discussion to provide ideas and suggestions.


Download PMC_First_Fight_v0.7.rar - 150kb Torrent Magnet.

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