PMC Apache AH-64 Helicopter

This is AH-64 Apache gunship helicopter addon for Armed Assault (ArmA 1), ported from BIS OFP model. It comes with three variations, multirole, close support and ground suppression. Purpose of this addon is to have a simple, working and high performance Apache AH-64 addon for ArmA 1.

This is low poly, low visual quality addon.

Screenshots: image 1, image 2, image 3, image 4, image 5 and image 6.

Required Addons

None. You only need ArmA 1 v1.14. No Queens Gambit required.


Just copy the addon pbo's into directory of your choice and use -mod parameter to launch ArmA. For more details read HOWTO Install ArmA 1 Addons.


--- bugs
- change to a new M230 gun from Vilas.
- add stingers into the wingtips.

--- fixes v1.3
- small tweak for specular maps.
- changed requiredversion to v1.14.
- added bit more detail to weapon racks.
- added bit more detail to tyres.
- cleaned cockpit (not visible) modeling up a bit.
- tweaked M230 loadout to more realistic.
- added config CfgPatches weapons list.

--- v1.2
- ArmA 2 interim release :)

--- v1.0
- initial release.


Multi role: 1200 rounds of M230 cannon, 38 FFAR's and 8 AGM-114 Hellfires.
Close support: 1200 rounds of M230 cannon and 16 AGM-114 Hellfires.
Ground suppression: 1200 rounds of M230 cannon and 76 FFARs.

Class Names


^ Class name ^ Loadout ^
| PMC_AH64_closesupport | 1160rnds cannon, 16 Hellfires |
| PMC_AH64_groundsuppres | 1160rnds cannon, 76 FFAR |
| PMC_AH64_multirole | 1160rnds cannon, 38 FFAR, 8 Hellfires |


^ Weapon ^ Magazine ^ Ammo ^
| PMC_M230 | PMC_1160Rnd_M230_AH64 | PMC_M230_ammo |
| PMC_FFARLauncher | PMC_38Rnd_FFAR | PMC_76Rnd_FFAR, PMC_FFAR_ammo |
| PMC_HellfireLauncher | PMC_8Rnd_Hellfire, PMC_16Rnd_Hellfire | PMC_Hellfire_ammo |

There is also pair of Apache AH-64's found on the mission editor groups for easy placement.

Model Textures And Sections

This is bis made OFP model, its now ported to ArmA 1. It has basically the same model except normal porting process changes have been made.

There is last resolution LOD less than 100 points on all the models (multirole comes to 112 points with proxys, 64 without them, but proxys don't count so no problem). This guarantees high performance in any gaming situations (you can add many apaches and no FPS loss).

Textures have been merged and the models now use only 3 texture in total, one for the airframe, one for cockpit and one for alpha transparent parts. There is normal and specular maps as usual. Last LOD of the model only contains 2 sections (two textures), which maybe in later date we hope to minimize down to just one (1) which would be the ideal setup.

Damage textures are included as well as the model damageHide selections, when your apache is destroyed, weapons, crew and small other non moving parts are removed from the model bringing much more nicer destroyed look to it.


There is no binarize errors.
There is no arma.RPT errors (we've seen so far in our perhaps limited testing time).
There is no ingame errors.

There is however some bugs, like the rotors have some "artifacts" on the edges and bad texturing on cockpit glass edges. These we will hope to fix in the future versions among with other bugs that will be reported back to us (see contact info below).


This is not high poly model with ultimate scripted features, so this addon is performing superbly without any kind of errors or slowdowns. You can place as many helos in the screen at one time that no practical mission would require that amount. Performance is good, there is no problems running these helos.

Basically when this addon was ported, we had GAMEPLAY in mind, we don't care so much about the gizmos and gadgets and fancy "FX", but we do like 100% working and high performance addon.

Feedback / Forum Topic

Please send bug reports or other feedback so I can try to improve this port. To make sure feedback reaches me, register to PMC Tactical Forum and post there. PMC Tactical Forum release topic.


Download link from official release topic PMC Tactical Forum release topic.

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