PMC 51km Desert

Large 51km desert war torn cities terrain from OFP era.

This is 51km x 51km desert terrain for ArmA 3, includes three airbases, 46 cities with mostly war torn ruined buildings, 53 villages, 3 airbases, dirt road network, two lane highway, 6 harbors and 6 oilfields.

This terrain is absolutely huge. You can fit 16 (yes sixteen) Everon's or Nogova's in this landmass...

In the current build there is 291,358 objects (125,000 houses, 88,000 pieces of roads, 16,000 rocks, 19,000 bushes and 36,000 trees, etc). So clearly it is not an "empty desert map" at all.

Should we add fourth airbase? not sure, dunno if there is really need for one, perhaps a airstrip for small planes. Any suggestions would be welcome, please post them to our forums.


This terrain is work in progress (WIP), we have been working on this since OFP times back in year 2003 when we first experimented with 51km terrain (results were really stutter and long loading times). It has been under development in a project name called PMC Desert Hardcore and has been seen on few screen shots in PMC Tactical forum posts.

It was not earlier than 2006 when this terrain started to shape up and we first time believed that this might actually start to become something playable in game. In 2007 we had real first playable missions with this on ArmA and ever since we had strong believe that this terrain will change the course how missions are fought in ArmA. No more those 1km sandbox children games... this is the big time here.

Unfortunately ArmA 2 sneaked upon us before we get around to the first release of this terrain for ArmA. We could have jumped right into ArmA 2 but decided we need to do things with the original plan and that calls for ArmA release. Since then this terrain was ported to ArmA 3, some more development time put into it fixing issues on porting and even some from the original OFP design.

In 2021 this is our go-to terrain for large scale combined operations high frame rate performance missions.

This web page is work in progress, sorry :(

Terrain Specifications

Heightmap grid size: 4096 x 4096
Cell size: 12.5m
Satellite texture resolution: 20,480 x 20,480 pixels
Satellite surface mask size: 512 x 512 pixels
Texture layer size: 50m x 50m

Required Addons

Required Addons: AGS Industrial, AGS Buildings, AGS Port, PMC Terrain Clutter and CUP Terrains Core and Maps.

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