PMC Rugen

PMC Rugen v1.6 for ArmA 3.

This is the legendary PMC Rugen, a 25.6km x 25.6km european everon / nogova styled woodland terrain for ArmA 3.

PMC Rugen Operation Flashpoint Screenshot

This is PMC Rugen terrain addon from OFP, ported to work in ArmA, ArmA 2 and now ArmA 3. This is european Everon & Nogova themed terrain of 25km x 25km size, there is roads, airbase, airstrip, several industrial sites, harbors, cities, villages and two army bases. Refer to the original PMC Rugen OFP release topic.

screenshot 1, screenshot 2, screenshot 3, screenshot 4, screenshot 5, screenshot 6, screenshot 7, screenshot 8, screenshot 9 and screenshot 10.

PMC Rugen video trailer to showcase some landscapes.


--- v1.6
- initial arma3 release

Required Addons

AGS Industrial Pack, AGS Port / Harbor Pack, PMC Terrain Clutter and CUP terrains Core and Maps.


Just copy the addon pbo's into directory of your choice and use -mod parameter to launch ArmA 3. For more details read HOWTO Install ArmA 2 Addons.


Download links from PMC Tactical ArmA 3 Downloads page.

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