Dev Diary PMC Ukraine Yenky ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-04-18 Russia Invades Ukraine This Is WAR

2022-04-18T01:48:00Z New editing day has started, and its new YEAR actually. Just released PMC Taiwan Kinmen and now jumping to ukraine yenky terrain, only yenky and one more taiwan terrain to go in this release "batch" heh.

I was disappointed to read this dev diary through, very boring dry read, no cool shizzle or other such things, oh well need to do better in the future.

And as this header says, since my last dev diary entry, Russia has invaded Ukraine Smiley :(

It is so creepy to think back that last year when I started this terrain it was all about nice farming areas in arma3 photorealistic huge environments, now... fuck farming dude! Its WAR Smiley :(

As usual going to start by taking an in-game arma3 look into the terrain, to really see whats what.

Well mod.cpp needs an update, its still my old "2021 format". Roads.shp is hmm... first I thought they were broken but they are actually... highways I think, all of them, hehe. Vegetation is the old terrain processor TPP template setup which needs to be regenerated with latest template. OSM natural areas were a bit lacking at some parts, but what else is new. And roads.shp gets carved into heightmap edges.

Overall its nice looking farming terrain. If only there was farming equipment in arma3 Smiley ;)

Copied new terrain processor TPP files from PMC Ukraine Chernihiv dir, including the roads.* file copying and *.LBT file deleting bat files, edited the road bat and ran it to get yenky roads in play.

Started to generate new vegetation objects and smooth roads (although, they are already smooth but hmm).

PMC Ukraine Yenky ArmA 3 Screenshot

Vegetation generation finished with 467,147 objects created.

Fired up terrain builder after first deleting the old object layer file in windows file explorer, then imported new roads smoothed heightmap and rebuilt terrain, then started importing new objects.

PMC Ukraine Yenky ArmA 3 Screenshot

Once done, exported WRP and ran moveObject re-pathing to it. Updated mod.cpp with latest template.

RoadsLib.cfg symlinked, apparently roads.shp was fine but it was the darn roadslib.cfg which was missing Smiley :)

2022-04-18T02:32:00Z Binarization time!

As there was some waiting time again I decided to kick off the release procedures, gotta have something to do, cant stand waiting idle.

Was adding pmc_ukraine_yenky to mission pack compilation terrain list... except, it was already there Smiley :o

2022-04-18T02:48:00Z Binarize finished, so swift with these small/medium size terrains with few objects Smiley :)

I'm going to setup arma3 with ULTRA settings already, even though this is basically second arma3 check that everything works, but it takes so long time to boot arma3 up that I rather do everything in one go. Just hoping my hardware faulty nvidia GTX TITAN X wont crash nvidia drivers again heh.

2022-04-18T03:09:00Z Screenshots taken, sorted, renamed, edited and converted.

Got addon PBOs signed and 7-zip release packet compressed, next was to move this dev diary into actual web page.

2022-04-18T03:25:00Z Release packet was uploading to "seedbox", started to proof read and add links to this dev diary. This is going to take a while, uuh...

2022-04-18T04:27:00Z Completed proof reading, actually had a lunch just now as well.

Added content to changelog page and edited homepage, only thing left to do is to upload into web, take a one final look and then its release time...

2022-04-18T04:48:00Z PMC Ukraine Yenky v0.1 has been released! Smiley :cool:

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