Dev Diary PMC Ukraine Odesa ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-03-06 Project Started

2022-03-06T12:01:00Z This page was created. While I'm writing this text, in the background PMC Ukraine Sumy is processing some hour long tasks, hopefully can manage to edit two terrains at the same time while writing and recording dev diary videos Smiley :)

Got started by creating real world data terrain tool pipeline text list for 00.txt file, started Global Mapper and got ukraine odesa location into UTM 36N zone projection. Then it was decision time of how large this terrain would be.

First I was thinking about 61.4km but it felt somehow small, there was plenty of space before PMC Ukraine Mykolaiv terrain so decision was made for 81.9km terrain size.

Then just making the user created feature grid and export KMZ file.

2022-03-06T12:16:00Z Terra Incognita satellite imagery grid section 1 started downloading.

Global mapper exported SRTM 1-arc-sec v3 ASCII Grid heightmap.asc file.

2022-03-06T12:31:00Z Finished global mapper exporting GEBCO ocean seabed heightmap data.

Then imported all OpenStreetMap (OSM) shape files and cropped them. Then set them to UTF-8 codepage and reduced road feature count to 7400 or so.

Next calculated heightmap.asc header coordinates to UTM 31N Terrain Builder compatible 200,000/0 format.

2022-03-06T12:51:00Z Finished transforming and exporting OSM shape files for areas, places and roads. All of them good to go for Terrain Processor and arma3.

Started to assign RGB colors to OSM areas, ugh I hate this part, such repetitive task which should be just handled by computer, thats why we have computer to automate repating boring stuff. At least it would be nice to import the RGB colors in. Oh well, they wont get done by bitching about it so better get started Smiley ;)

2022-03-06T13:02:00Z Finished painfully assigning RGB colors to OSM areas, uuh.

But it feels good to have another global mapper (PMC Ukraine Sumy) exporting satellite texture tiles in the background, I can hear CPU fan increasing rounds per minute when its doing the most intensive part of the tile heh, cool Smiley :cool:

2022-03-06T13:33:00Z Global mapper finished exporting satellite mask.

2022-03-06T20:35:00Z Terra incognita last grid section started to download, this is the big ocean part, interesting to see if it doesn't download anything fast or are there actually useless dark blue ocean imagery available.

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