Dev Diary PMC Ukraine Mariupol ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-02-21 Lets Edit Mariupol

2022-02-21T23:48:00Z Unpacked pmc_ukraine_mariupol_v0.2.7z to arma3 addons dir and started to inspect, writing down bug reports. This 7-zip is the 2017 release version.

2022-02-22T05:50:00Z Created backup bat and ran it, just in case I break something when going to terrain builder the first time.

(Edit: apparently I had taken a screenshot here but later I could not find it when creating this web page).

Copied new bat files to WRP data\layers and Source\ dirs. Edited ArmA 3 Terrain Separate Data\Layers into Smaller PBOs WRP separating bat files as required.

2022-02-22T06:02:00Z Terrain Builder started to generate layers.

Added missing config entrys for config.cpp so pboProject wont bitch and moan. Edited pboProject bat file.

2022-02-22T06:29:00Z Terrain builder finished generating layers, exported WRP and moveObject re-pathed WRP. Then started Convert Layers PNG to PAA Fast bat.

2022-02-22T06:37:00Z Started pboProject binarizing PMC Editing Wiki: search "binarize". This binarization doesn't bring anything new, its just about fixing the broken terrain builder project.

2022-02-22T06:47:00Z Finished pboProject binarizing. Alright, we are done here until in-game testing time Smiley :)

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