Dev Diary PMC Ukraine Enerhodar ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-03-04 Project Started

2022-03-04T05:08:00Z This page was created.

Today I woke up to news of Enerhodar nuclear power plant being under attack by Russian Armed Forces. I was already eyeballing this location yesterday.

Checked the location out in google/maps first as usual, already saw that enerhodar and zaporizhzhia (goodness gracious that spelling) is close but still sort of far away. In Global Mapper its UTM 36N projection I saw that 81.9km terrain would fit both of them and even some of the other cities/towns, but dunno if felt kind of tight, zporizhia international airport (google/maps) would have been almost in the NE corner of the terrain which is the worst place to be in large arma3 terrain floating point precision wise.

Creating 40km terrains for both enerhodar and zaporizhzhia would feel much more focused, compact, overall better choice.

So I decided to go with 40km terrains for both.

Had some problem positioning the user created feature grid, almost felt like switching to larger terrain as the side towns were cut off, but kept the 40km size choice.

Then just started the real world data tool pipeline, saved global mapper project, exported KMZ and started Terra Incognita download.

While that was downloading, I continued importing OpenStreetMap (OSM) shape files and started to work on those.

Got OSM shapes cropped, roads reduced and exported as cropped_* file names. This terrain had less than 9000 OSM road features btw, so technically I wouldn't even need to reduce roads but I removed the useless ones anyways.

Then assigned RGB colors for OSM areas.

2022-03-04T06:20:00Z Started to global mapper export satellite mask in 4 x 4 grid tiles.

It finished, then I used GraphicsMagick to convert Sat_Mask_*.png images to BMP format with background RGB color adjustment. Then did the Latitude / longitude config even though the whole arma3 config.cpp file has not been created yet heh.

2022-03-04T11:38:00Z After a few hours break back in editing, global mapper exported preview-arcgis-17-level.png and started to export satellite texture in 4 x 4 grid tile images.

2022-03-04T12:16:00Z Starting to GIMP clone stamp tool brush painting clouds off from the satellite texture tiles.

There was few of those grid tiles that have smokey-thin cloud layer spanning across huge areas so here is really no way to clone stamp brush it off, ending result would look goofy.

Satellite texture tiles with clouds: A3, C3, D4, D2, D1

Satellite texture tiles with coastline: A3, A2, B4, B3, B2, B1, C4, C3, C2, C1, D1

2022-03-04T12:59:00Z Finished GIMP clone stamp brushing clouds off.

2022-03-04T13:15:00Z Started to GIMP paint ocean (or Dnipro river in this case) satellite texture tiles.

2022-03-04T16:00:00Z Finished painting them waters.

And once again I leap frogged ahead editing while not writing any dev diary entries, heh this is hopeless Smiley ;)

What I'm referring to is that when I'm going through my terrain editing tool pipeline text file list, its extremely hard to stop and write dev diary text. When one task has been complished then I'll jump right into the next one, that is the whole point of this tool pipeline list. I should absolutely create tasks for "write dev diary" between every other line hehe.


2022-03-04T17:38:00Z Got Terrain Builder satellite imported, objects generated and imported. Satellite texture/mask generate layers done and now Convert Layers PNG to PAA Fast bat file is running.

2022-03-04T17:48:00Z Started pboProject binarizing. Hooyah! another terrain in the bag.

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