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2017 Project Started

PMC Ukraine Donetsk ArmA 3 terrain project was started in spring of 2017 in first few months when I learned HOWTO create and edit (ArmA 3 Real World Data Terrains). Unfortunately only dev diary entries I wrote back in 2017 was mere weekly summaries like PMC Tactical Forums: Terrain Development topic or release note type of PMC Tactical Forum posts.

2022-02-21 Orientation

2022-02-21T23:00:00Z Just unpacked pmc_ukraine_donetsk_v0.2.7z (current latest release) into my arma3 addons dir, launched arma3 v2.06 to check out how the terrain looks. Wrote down few bug reports about mod.cpp which needs some cosmetic edits. In-game I see right away that PMC_Terrain_Data roadslib.cfg is broken as wrong texture is applied to the roads and ukraine donetsk still has the extremely ugly Terrain Processor randomly generated buildings from way back in late 2017 early 2018.

After no more than 10min in-game I already had written several bug reports. Overall this terrain looks like its definitely from 2017 era because so many things are broken / unfinished or at least bad design.

2022-02-21T23:27:00Z Finished initial inspection, good bunch of bug reports written and I have a pretty good idea of the development stage right now.

2022-02-22T00:30:00Z Started operation to download brand new 2022 ArcGIS 17 level satellite imagery (texture) because the current one is from 2017 google/maps heh.

Global Mapper loaded the project up, got no errors which was surprising. Even more surprising was to see that I do have ArcGIS 17 level satellite imagery downloaded already.

Found preview-arcgis-17-level-2017.png image and it looks... just simply, broken. It is completely unusable, just horrible patches, clouds and even missing parts of the imagery.

So now I'm going to Terra Incognita generate rectangle selections for split to 4 setup for the quick download.

2022-02-22T00:40:00Z Ukraine_Donetsk_81km_1_arcgis_17_level download started.

Took backups from the whole terrain project directory setup including Terrain Builder Source/ dir.

Started terrain builder and loaded the project up, used CTRL-E to export WRP and guess what... project is broken, empty WRP got exported. So this means, to best of my recollection that I need to re-generate layers to fix the project.

2022-02-22T01:12:00Z Deleted existing layers RVMAT and PAA files, then started to generate layers. I also discovered that satellite texture/mask resolution is 40960 pixels so 2m/px scale, ugh. This needs to be fixed. But for now, I want to generate layers to fix terrain builder project.

2022-02-22T01:45:00Z Finished generating layers, now CTRL-E export WRP works, tested it, all good.

Then it was time to Convert Layers PNG to PAA Fast bat Smiley :)

ArmA 3 PMC Ukraine Donetsk Screenshot

Then split WRP and Data by doing Separate Data Layers for smaller PBOs.

ArmA 3 PMC Ukraine Donetsk Screenshot

Did the RVMAT and WRP moveObject re-pathing, then it was time to pboProject binarize.

scanning for pbos to make....
Processing \pmc\pmc_ukraine_donetsk_cfg...
<scanning files to pack>
makepbo failed: Rapify error
Packing failed

Gotta love piece of shit mikeros stupid pboProject rules and the oh so informative error messages Smiley :D

2022-02-22T02:11:00Z Had to add minstreetsquare config.cpp entry to please pboProject rapify, finally got it error free and now its binarizing (PMC Editing Wiki: search "binarize").

2022-02-22T02:24:00Z pboProject binarization finished. Terra incognita is still downloading, 17 of 25 tiles downloaded.

2022-02-22T04:02:00Z Second terra incognita satellite grid part is now downloading 7 of 25. This is the extremely boring waiting game. I cant really edit anything else because I hate writing dev diary text and record videos when I bunny hop between terrain projects. Its fairly easy to maintain focus with dev diaries, but recording videos are technically impossible because you are editing two or maybe even three or four projects at the same time, how do you decide which projects video it is when you have maybe 3 project files open in the screen at the same time. Yup.

Terra incognita download for 81.9km terrain will take a long time, this is not even half way done yet and its been over 3 hours. So I just need to find something to do in the mean time. I will probably fix the terrain builder projects for PMC Ukraine Luhansk and PMC Ukraine Mariupol terrains.

2022-02-22T08:34:00Z Last terra incognita satellite texture grid started downloading.

2022-02-22T11:07:00Z Last grid finished downloading, finally. Now I get to start editing donetsk and downloading luhansk satellite Smiley :)

Inspected the oziexplorer .map format saved JPGs and on the very last grid (4) in last image (heh) there was three Terra Incognita Black Tiles. So loaded terra incognita back up and exported oziexplorer .map again.

Started global mapper and created new map catalog for arcgis 17 level satellite imagery I just downloaded, called it _2022.

2022-02-22T11:57:00Z Started global mapper exporting grid 4 x 4 tiles of 1m/px scale 81920 resolution satellite texture.

When the exporting started I realized that... its again waiting game before I get to GIMP editing those few cloud puffs off. Also that I could have done the OpenStreetMap (OSM) shape files to images already while terra incognita was downloading heh.

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