Dev Diary PMC Taiwan Chiayi ArmA 3 Terrain

2022-03-29 Coastline Gets Cracked

2022-03-29T07:47:00Z New editing day has started... with "off the books" operations. Yeah continuing where I left off last night, trying to come up with a new tool pipeline to get SRTM online source heightmap data into arma3 so that the stupid fucking water creeping through land will not happen.

Once I get this sorted out or give up on it, I'll update this dev diary.

Just for reference, binarization time with 10 million objects:

*** pmc taiwan_chiayi
Start time: 2022-03-29T0735
pboproject pmc_taiwan_chiayi_data_layers_04
pboproject pmc_taiwan_chiayi_data_layers_03
pboproject pmc_taiwan_chiayi_data_layers_02
pboproject pmc_taiwan_chiayi_data_layers_01
pboproject pmc_taiwan_chiayi_data_layers_00
pboproject pmc_taiwan_chiayi_data_layers
pboproject pmc_taiwan_chiayi_data
pboproject pmc_taiwan_chiayi_cfg
pboproject pmc_taiwan_chiayi
End time: 2022-03-29T0817

Binarization time without objects:

Start time: 2022-03-29T0911
End time: 2022-03-29T0950

2022-03-29T09:56:00Z Just finished experimenting with the tool pipeline to get proper ocean coastline done without any annoying water creeping into land areas.

I'm not going to list everything needed to be done, but lets just sum it up that now it works in-game, taiwan chiayi terrain is the first one to have accurate coastline done from GIMP satellite texture tile selecting and painting coastlines.

The quality accuracy of the coastline now depends solely how carefully GIMP selection was done.

Right now taiwan chiayi heightmap is as good as it gets. Next going to add objects back in, smooth out airfield runways, then roads and I believe that is it before first release.

Its been too many hours without releases, I'm starting to get the shakes Smiley ;)

2022-03-29T10:15:00Z L3DT smoothed heightmap for the only airfield runways. Then started terrain processor road smoothing on top of that new heightmap.asc file.

Then restored the object layer files into terrain builder dir, started the project up and imported the new roads smoothed heightmap, rebuilt terrain, deleted heightmap layer, exported WRP, saved project and exited. Then moveObject re-pathed WRP as usual. We are ready to binarize.

PMC Taiwan Chiayi ArmA 3 Terrain Screenshot

Objects in the WRP was 10,729,528 total. Hopefully they look OK, not too dense or sparse heh.

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